Friday, April 30, 2010

Bike ladder

I was able to climb the ladder biking outside but had to bring it inside to climb down the other side (it got dark on me). Fighting time so I had to decrease the rest times. Times and rest times are as follows:

Miles Bike time Rest time Average
1 2:45 1:16 21.82
2 5:33 1:25 21.62
3 8:19 2:58 21.64
4 11:35 5:22 20.72
5 15:20 10:25 19.56 (note - dark and not aero since I could not see)
Remainder on trainer
4 14:15 5:41 16.84
3 10:26 3:31 17.25
2 6:57 2:07 17.27
1 3.21 N/A 17.91

Did not get to second workout which was supposed to be 5 burpees, 10 pushups, 500m row AMRAP in 20 minutes. Due to hectic schedule today, I will not get around to today's workout until this evening (possibly after 7:00 p.m.). My workout today is row 500m, run 400m 5x for time. I am thinking about doing a double session - do first workout, rest about ten minutes, do second workout. I know that will be a burner - but whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger - right?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cruel joke or confidence builder

I woke up this morning sore and tight from the 100 pushups. Still sore and tight in the evening as I'm going for my swim workout. I did a lot of out of the pool warmup and stretching exercises to try to loosen up for my swim - on tap 800 yards for time. As I started swimming my warmup I thought this was a real cruel idea of a joke to have someone swim after a hard chest workout the day before; however, as I was winding down my warmup I noticed a loosening of my chest and triceps. I was still not sure how my swim was going to go. I was initially going to swim the first 100 hard and then settle into a rhythm but decided to try to swim it even instead (effort wise, I do not keep lap splits). I swam it in 13:53 - five seconds off of my best. That's the difference of a couple of sloppy turns and not getting the stopwatch turned off quickly - I'll take it! After last week's unbelievably weak swim this felt really good.

Second workout - about ten minutes after the swim. 5000 meter row. I generally go out too hard on these so I decided to start conservatively and build on the effort if possible. Once again I'm thinking what a cruel joke to put this particular workout after a 13.1 mile run the day before. Once again I was surprised with the result. I finished in 20:34. My best time at this is 20:21 and the last time I did it I finished in 20:47. To say I'm pleasantly surprised is an understatment.

Diet's still good - 98% Paleo from Sunday till now. Meal spacing good. Tomorrow will be a challenge - meetings and seminars all day, but I'm pretty sure I can keep the diet on track. Not worth the reduced energy levels to blow it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not bad

Well they weren't PRs, but not bad either. Did the same 13.1 mile run that I did 2 weeks ago on 3.5 hours of sleep. I'm happy to say that I beat that time (I better have). I finished the run in 2:04:02. By best time at this distance was 1:58:30. I finished the first half in 1:01:47 and was fairly sure I could negative split the run as I felt really good at the half way point. I kept it even until there was about 2 - 2.5 miles to go and then tried to pick it up. I thought I was successful until I saw my ending time. I only lost 27 seconds on the second half but I honestly felt like I was going faster so I find this somewhat disturbing.

100 pushups for time. Do you ever go into a workout just knowing that you are going to beat your prior workout's time. Well, this was one of those times, except it did not happen. Finished in 4:57 vs. 4:42 on 3/12. I think I need to go back to being sleep deprived and stressed out - my workouts were better. In all honesty, this was not bad - it was only a couple of hours after the 13.1 mile run so I suppose my energy stores aren't fully topped off. It was only 15 seconds slower and it hurt so I'm marking this up as a good effort.

Monday, April 26, 2010

It hurts when you do it right

First workout - max squats - seven sets of one. 185, 195, 195, 195, 200, 200, 200. I wanted to break 200 not do 200, but it took a great deal of effort to get the 200s up and I definately felt the weight change from the 195 to the 200 otherwise I would have upped it to 205. I'm happy with this as it is now a new max :)

Second workout - swim 6 x 100 at max effort, 4 minute rest. 1:25, 1:27, 1:29, 1:30, 1:32, 1:32. These really hurt. I'm actually surprised that the times were as close as they were - each 100 hurt more than the prior one. I would prefer to swim a 1000 any day. This was not my best swim ever, but it felt much better than last Wed. Warmed up with an easy 500 pull concentrating on feeling the pull. Warmed down with a 400 - breast 100, free 100, breast 100, free 100.

Diet was good today - fish tomorrow.

decent weekend and refocusing

I have been trying to get some work done around the house as I have disregarded my household duties during my busy time at work. Spent two weekends painting and trying to organize things. As usual, the small project turned into a bigger project and then just started to baloon. Somehow during this project we ended buying all new bedroom furniture, a nice T.V. stand for our rec room and then decided that we could not put the monster of a 40" old fashioned T.V. on it so we purchased a 32" flat screen. O.k., I think we are about done, but I need new speakers for our stereo/home entertainment system as we cannabalized the set while putting in our surround sound on the first floor. On top of this I am getting way behind on my yard work.

What is the point of this ranting - This all takes time.

I did not skip any workouts, but I did have to reshuffle and it has been a struggle.

Friday miles:
1. 7:18
2. 7:23
3. 7:35 (only four min rest before this one - someone pissed me off - story for another day)
4. 7:50 Took full eight minutes before this one - not sure why it is so much slower - felt o.k.

10! of burpees, squats & situps - 8:20 (I think). I couldn't remember if I did the sevens so I tagged that on to the end - 9:18 if that's correct.

20K bike time trial 35:25, 21.05 mph

I also went for a 5 mile run on Saturday - beautiful day and I had someone to run with. Just went easy and enjoyed the weather and the company. Biked an additional easy 15 miles after the run (had to get home - bike was only form of transportation).

Sunday - scored points by not going to the pool and spending time with family on Sunday. Moved thusters from Monday to Sunday so I can get swim and squats in on Monday. Also did the crossfit workout from Saturday that I skipped in favor of the five mile run.

Thusters - 80, 85, 90, 100, 105. 105 was really shaky.

400m run, 21 35# kb swings, 12 pullups times three - 13:57.

I have trouble focusing after 4/15. Lots of pressure on the deadline and mind starts to wander a little after the 15th. Unfortunately this has filtered into my training. It's not acceptable!

Refocus point #1: Get stricter with the diet!! Due to busy schedule we have not been grocery shopping lately. Too many meals out and slipped off the Paleo diet. Also not spacing meals and snacks out correctly. Starting yesterday I got strict with myself - feel the difference already and it's only been one day.

Refocus point #2: No booze!! An occasional glass of wine is acceptable, but I've had a few beers. My house has been purged and it will stay that way (I just have to learn to say no when it's offered to me).

Refocus point #3: Work Hard! It's supposed to hurt!

Friday, April 23, 2010

2nd workout

Did the deadlifts last night (no, not real late as in the past). I thoroughly warmed up with lots of light sets building up to my workout weight. Back is still bothering me and I did not want to take any undue risk. My workout started when I got to 165 pounds. I did five sets of five as follows:

165, 185, 185, 205, 205

Thursday, April 22, 2010

One bad, one good

Last night was a swim workout. I really did not want to get in the pool - just was not feeling it. I dutifully got in the water and swam my warm-up. I felt like getting out after the warm-up, but had it to do. I rested a few minutes and then started the 1000. I was not feeling it and my breathing was not great. I finished in 18:24 almost a minute off from my time about a month ago of 17:26. I was not surprised by my time. It's been a week since I was last in the pool which might be partially responsible for this, plus we had furniture delivered yesterday and I spent a good portion of the afternoon and early evening moving furniture around so I was already tired when I got to the pool. Just saying.

I've had a new ailment for the last few days. I have been waking up with an extremely sore back. Generally I know the exact cause of my aches and pains, but this one eludes me. I have never gotten a sore back from sleeping before. It happened three days in a row - pain was so bad it woke me up. It is in the middle back just under my shoulder blades. If it's stress related I would have expected it to hit a couple of weeks ago, not now. This morning was the first morning it did not bother me as much (also first night I slept in new bed with new mattress).

I did not do the deadlifts last night due to this issue. I may do them tonight depending on how the back feels throughout the day.

I did my first workout today this morning. I rode - workout was two minutes standing and one sitting times ten. I started the workout up a hill and managed to get two in on the hill. a couple of them had downhill sections in them, but most were either uphill or on the flats. I really felt this in my legs - I've done similar workouts in the past, but it definately felt different doing this outside. I rode 26 miles in total - felt really good to get a decent ride in first thing in the morning. I felt fairly powerful on today's ride.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

5k for time following rest day

Monday was a rest day. Damn it! I earned it!

My legs were still feeling tired Tuesday when I woke up, but I had all day before I planned to do my 5k for time. I had a friend coming over in the evening to help me paint. We went for a run before we started painting. I have never run with this friend before, but I had run with his identical twin brother so I knew genetically what he was capable of. Lucky for me he is out of shape (but he still whupped me).

We warmed up for a mile, stretched and then had a go at the 5k course. We stayed together for two miles and I ran hard figuring that this may be my only chance to ever beat up on him (he is trying to get back in shape - he is very fast when in shape). When we hit two miles he started to stretch it out and I just could not stay with him - though I tried. He finished in 24 flat (my goal on this course) and I finished in 24:43 - not my best on this course, but not bad either. I believe this comes out to 7:57 pace. I ran the first mile at 7:33 which felt fairly comfortable, but apparently it was too fast. Next time I am going to try to go out at 8:00 pace and negative split each mile after that - I wonder how that will work out.

Second workout was 100ft walking lunges, 10 burpees, 25 situps 3 times for time. Finished in 6:42.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wrentham Du and last couple of days workouts

Saturday's workout was painting our room above the garage. It was long overdo. I actually had plenty of help and was able to go for my ride about 1:30 p.m. This was a 60k TT. I modified my route from last week's 30 mile TT to make sure I got the hills into the ride. My time came out to 2:00:47 - about 18.6 mph. Although I am pretty sure I can do this faster, this was a huge improvement over last week and no cramps. I had to go to the in-laws for an impromptu birthday celebration so WOD two was off. That was supposed to be 30 wall balls, 30 squats, 30 pushups, then 20 each then 10 each.

I had to get up early for this one. Too close to warrant renting a room and too far to sleep in.

I was feeling a little tight from the last few days. I warmed up with an easy two mile run and although that loosened me up a little I was still tight at the start. I ran the first mile at 7:22 pace, but must have slowed down considerably because the official results have me averaging 8:09 pace for the first run (three miles). I jumped on my bike and immediately started picking people off. Just to put things in perspective my overall result was 197 on the first run and 100 on the bike. I definately felt stronger on the bike yesterday, but this was my third day in a row of intense biking - it was to be expected. I finished the bike in 33:36 which comes out to about 19.65 mph. It was a little hilly and the roads were wet so I did not corner real aggressive. The hills really weren't that bad - rode better hills yesterday. My second transition was not good - for some reason I could not release the clasp on my helmet - I almost ran with it on. I actually felt good on the second run - ran 8:10 pace. I even passed a few people - that never used to happen. My overall result on the second run was 185 so I picked up twelve placed on the second run. I almost got nipped at the end and had to sprint to keep my place - that was fun. I finished 12th out of 23 in my age group (45-49). Finished 139th overall out of I don't know how many - I thought I heard the announcer say there was 400 starters - I'm too lazy to go back to the website to look it up.

Now - back to that missed workout. I could not end the weekend with a missed workout hanging over my head so I decided to do it in the early evening. I still don't have a ball so I used a 25 # plate as a substitute. Finished this workout in 7:17.

Tomorrow is a rest day. I think I need it.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I must say I thought I was done with the dreadmill for the year but by the time I got around to the second WOD it was dark and rainy. I warmed up with an 800, stretched a little and then get started. The majority of the 200s were done in the vincinity of :55 with number 3 and number 10 coming in at :50 (that's as fast as my treadmill goes).

A new way to celebrate

Yesterday was April 15th. We always take the staff out to dinner to celebrate. I generally have a driver as I like to celebrate as well. This year I did not need a driver. I decided to start a new tradition - do a workout on April 15th. That to me is a great way to end the busy season. I was not going to have time to do the 5 x 5mile bike intervals so I did Friday's KB swings, situps and squats - 40 each times three. Finished this in 12:21.

Moved to the bike to Friday (today). Results were as follows:

14:37 - fairly flat with a little headwind
15:47 - had a couple of small hills
15:39 - This one had a long gradual hill in it, surprised it came in this fast
16:05 - Or was it this one that had the hill?
13:28 - Very flat and a tailwind for perhaps two miles. I wish I was this fast!

Special note - NO CRAMPS!!

I tried out my new Rudy Project TT helmet. I must say that it is extremely comfortable and very light. I barely even knew it was on my head.

Overall I felt pretty good. Looking forward to doing the 200s later today.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh the difference a night's sleep makes

I went right to bed last night (more like passed out) and got at least eight hours, possibly nine. I felt pretty good today, not 100%, but not bad either. I got to the pool at 9:00 p.m. (early workout) for the 800yd time trial. Warmed up with an easy 200 pull concentrating on stroke mechanics. Rested a few minutes and then did the 800. I finished in 13:47 - one second faster than last week. Not a bad way to end my busy season workouts. Cooled down with a 200.

I took a shower before my next workout - yeah I know that sounds weird, but I wanted to get the chlorine off me. The next workout was 5 deadlifts, 10 boxjumps and 500m row three times for time. The amazing thing is that I actually had energy for this - last week I felt drained after the swim, today I felt great. I finished this workout in 11:13. I clearly could have taken a minute off if I could have done the deadlifts next to the rowing machine.

Peace out!

Sleep is important

Worked a 16 hour day Monday (into Tue) and got about 3.5 hours of sleep before I had to do some more work. Tue is my day to leave work early to drop my daughter off at gymnastics. I considered canning the run due to the sleep deprivation issue, but felt this was a key workout so I did it. I also figured I would feel worse than this after a 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bile ride. Finished the first half of the 13.1 mile run in 1:06 and almost even split the second half at 1:07. I knew it was not going to be a great run going into it, but like I said I felt it was a key workout.

Workouts missed this week - max deadlifts and Fran. Hope to get swim and CF circuit in today (had a decent night's sleep last night, but it's going to take me a few to fully recover). Tomorrow's workout is iffy. If I get to bed at a reasonable hour I will do it in the morning, otherwise it will not happen. We party after work every April 15th and who am I to buck tradition.

Another tradition is that I don't work on April 16th - ever. I hope to get a good night's sleep and then BANG! do a couple of awesome workouts.

Overall this was a very successful tax season as far as training goes. I probably did a few sessions at inappropriate times as sleep may have been a better idea from the overall health and fitness perspective, but I find that if I give myself permission to miss a session, it is that much easier to do it again.

We are fortunate in that we stay busy pretty much year round, but it is no where as crazy as the period between Jan 15th and April 15th. I am very much looking forward to the post tax season training as I will be more rested, focused and training at more appropriate times.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feeling flat

I skipped one of my workouts yesterday due to work contstraints (the CF rowing circuit). I did do it today, but it took are great deal of talking myself into it.

First workout today was to swim 100s. eight times with 4 minutes rest. Time was an issue again as I needed the Gym's equipment to do the rowing circuit, so I rested about three minutes between each 100. I promise to adhere to the workouts better after 4/15. I momentarily forgot how to use my stopwatch so I don't have a lot of my times. Here's a couple of the times I did manage to get - 1:33, 1:31. The 1:31 was the final 100. The first 3 were done in a total time of 4:25 or about 1:28 average. The next three were done in a total time of 4:29 which comes out to between 1:29 amd 1:30 average.

Like I mentioned above. It was really hard to convince myself that I needed to do the CF workout left over from yesterday. I am still sore from the pullups and the lat pulls (what was I thinking?). I was tired from the swim and I'm just plain tired. Plus I am still working (just taking a little break right now).

Here's how I talked myself into it:

Am I physically sick? No
Will it be easier to skip in future if I let myself out of this today? Yes
Will this make me stronger? Yes
Do I want to complete the IM? Yes

I did the workout. It was hard. My time was 12:10. Not sure how that stacks up, but it did not feel like a stellar performance to me.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

decent run, bike - had issues

Yesterday I did the four one mile repeats. I did not rest the required 8 minutes between reps (probably more like 4 minutes) as I did not get started until about 9 p.m. (so much for doing them in the light of day). I warmed up with a mile and recalibrated my GPS during that mile. Hopefully it is accurate now.

Times were as follows:
1 7:34
2 7:50
3 7:58
4 7:43 (rested longer for this one, probably not eight minutes, but at least 6 or 7).

Felt pretty comfortable running - much better than Tuesday.

100 pullups for time. 19:24. Did a bunch of lat pulldowns after this. I just didn't feel done yet.

Bike this morning - first off, it was cold! I dressed for it, but it is still hard to ride in the cold. on tap - 30 mile time trial. This was not my best ride. My calves started cramping at about mile 10. Not sure what that's about - cold? prior night's workout? Lack of sleep? seat too high? combination? I forged on, but there was no way I could ride at 100% - everytime I tried to up the effort one or both of my calves would cramp - AND IT HURT!! I had a good excuse to quit, but chose instead to do the best I could in my current condition. Just to add insult to injury, there was a fairly strong headwind on the final flat section (about a five mile strip) which slowed me down significantly. Total time was 1:42:38 (17.54 mph).

Friday, April 9, 2010

Not my best workout(s)

Did the thruster dip combination first - 21 thusters, 21 dips, 15 thusters, 15 dips, 9 thrusters, 9 dips. Started with the prescribed 95 pounds for the thrusters but after five reps it was quite clear that this was simply too much weight for me. Changed it to 85 and still had to break up the sets. This workout took me a while to complete - 16:33 to be exact.

Tabata bike was next. did this on the stationary in the gym as I knew the drive home would steal whatever motivation I had left away from me. This workout was way harder than I expected. I'm not sure of the exact distance I covered as the stationary bike computer turns off when you stop pedalling. Only made that mistake once, pedalled real light after each minute just to keep the computer running. Esimate of distance covered is 8 miles. I was absolutely soaked after this workout. I closed the gym again (but got my whole workout in this time), so I did not get to shower until I got home. I built in enough time for the shower, but the first workout took me longer than I expected.

I'm curious to see what happens when I get my rest back in line. Diet has been very good for the last two days. Food prep all done for today, so today should be fine too.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm full of surprises

I barely got to the pool in time to get my workout in. I warmed up with a 200 pull, stretched real good and then got started with the 800. The first 200 went well, but then I started feeling it. I was thinking that the lack of sleep was finally catching up with me as I felt fatigue. I kept going and did my best to work it hard to the end. My (non-flip) turns were getting bad towards the end. When it was all said and done I checked my time and it was 13:48 - nine seconds better than my prior best time. What a pleasant surprise. Cooled down with a 200 and went home. Was going to work some more, but I'm pretty tired so off to bed I go.

I got annoyed with myself

I've been using my busy work schedule as an excuse to get into some bad habit. Who am I kidding? I don't like it when people find excuses for doing things they shouldn't or not doing things they should. What, am I special? My diet has been off for a few days. Wah, I'm too busy to go shopping, wah, wah, wah.

I have a week to go. No, it's not going to be easy, but life isn't easy. What we are doing is all about challenging ourselves and then overcoming the obstacles that get in our way. I went shoppnig last night and stocked up on meat, fresh fruit and fresh vegtetables. I cooked enough Paleo food for the day and I've been Paleo all day today. I already feel better.

I'm going to the pool in about a half hour and I'm knocking out another workout. I'm taking it one day at a time, one workout at a time. I just need to get through one more week and then my rest should go back to normal.

Please ding me next time I start making excuses.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Still ticking

So, I worked really late last night and had to get up early as I had a meeting in Stamford. Needless to say, I am tired and to top it off I'm pretty damn sore from the squats yesterday. Not sure why I'm more sore than in the past exept that with the spot I went real deep (I thought I went deep before, but I'm pretty sure I went deeper yesterday) and I pushed what amounts to a heavy weight for me up seven times. two months ago my max was 185 - yesterday I squatted 175 seven times AND I went deep.

I ran my 10 minutes out and 10 minutes back not expecting much - I got pretty much what I expected. Did 2.51 miles. I had nothing. I tried to relax and just let the road pull me, but my legs just did not want to turn over.

The 250 situps went better. I finished in 8:07. This was the first time I have ever tried to do this many situps at one time so I did not know how to pace it. I think I did o.k. on the pacing, but Had a little too much left for the final 50 - probably could have pushed it a little more.

Monday, April 5, 2010

recap of last two workouts

Last night Tabata squats with 45 lb, burpees, lunges, pushups. I don't remember exact counts (they are written down at home), but they were something like this - squats averaged 12ish, burpees - 5 or 6, Walking lunges 13ish, pushups - started slow thinking I would be able to squeeze more out - will have to look back to see if it worked. Did 12 on first round, then 10, and I think the rest were 8. Hard to get eight by the end. Could not move my arms when done and chest was burning. I LOVE IT!

Five sets of seven squats just a little while ago. Warmed up with bar, then 95. Did first set with 135. Progressed as follows: 135, 145, 155, 165, 175. I had a spot on my last set so I came out of the box and went real low. My face was beet red when I finished.

Diets a little off right now, but not bad. It won't be great for next week and a half, but after that I will go real strict again. By a little off, I mean I am more on the Zone and less on Paleo. Easier with quick meals.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Should we plan a group ride?

Well, I'm almost done with my busy season and itching to be sociable again. Most of my bike time trials are on Saturdays not that I can't be flexible and ride on a Sunday. So here's the question: who has the best time trial course? I.e. little traffic, no left hand turns and no intersections.

Here's my thoughts - we start off together, get to the time trial starting line wherever that may be, do our workouts, and then regroup for a leisurely group ride of twenty miles or so. Lunch afterwards?

Any weekend starting with April 24th works for me.

My guess is that I am the farthest East - I don't mind traveling West for a good ride.

Best swim workout ever

I had an awesome swim today. It had nothing to do with the times or the workout itself. It had everything to do with me being able to push every single set right to the end. I know which sets hit me mentally and I pushed those especially hard. Plus, here it is, April 4th and I hardly missed a workout this year. That motivated me as well.

The workout was 1 x 400, 2 x 200, 4 x 100 and 8 x 50 - rest equaled work interval.
400 6:45
200 3:12
200 3:15
100 1:30
100 1:30
100 1:31
100 1:31
50 :44
50 :45
50: 44
50 :46
50 :45
50 :43
50 :44
50 :42

I had issues with my turns on the 50s. I don't do flip turns and I usually reach the wall with my left had, but for some reason I was reaching it with my right hand on the 50's - this makes for an awkward turn for me. I decided to glide into the wall instead of taking that last stroke with the right arm. As you can see on the last three reps - that helped a lot.

I thought about modifying the workout to add 16 x 25 to end it. I decided that mentally I would have conserved energy to get me through those 25s. Not having them hanging out there at the end of the workout helped me push each rep.

Tabata is on deck for later today. I decided to separate the workouts even though from a time management perspective it would have been better to do them back to back. I want to be able to really push the workout. I'll let you know how that goes.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Brothers and Sisters - be careful out there!

I went for a ride on what will now be my regular time trial route for 40k or over. It has some hills on it so it is adequately challenging.

I was over half way done and cruising on a flat section when this bonehead decides that he is going to pass a left turning motorist on the right in the breakdown lane. Well.....he didn't have enough room so he was stuck and I had nowhere to go. I was tooling around at about 25mph and I had to come to a complete stop because this guy can't guage width. Luckily I looked up (yeah, I know you are always supposed to be looking ahead, but this happened so fast, one second it was all clear and the next I was slamming on my brakes).

AND THEN, not more than five minutes later a woman is pulling out of a side street on the right taking a left turn. She was looking right at me so I know she saw me. I assumed she was waiting for me to get by as she was not moving so I kept the pressure on - it was a time trial after all. Would you believe that she pulled out right in front of me - I had to swerve to miss her. I generally don't cuss, make gestures, etc. as I don't want us bikers to get a bad name, but both of these incidents really got my ire up and I blasted them (they proably couldn't hear me, but I know they could read my body language and facial expressions).

Stats on the ride - well there are always stats, but I don't have the normal feedback. My HR monitor is not working - I believe the strap needs a new battery and CVS did not have the size I needed. Don't have time to hunt for it right now. Bike computer was not working right - speed was jumping around all over the place and it actually stopped recording for a while. I have had problems with this computer since I got it - will definately let the bike shop know when I bring the bike in for a tune-up. So, I don't know my max or average HR, my average speed or even the exact distance for that matter. Here's what I do know, or think I know. The total course distance is 33 miles (I think, haven't rode it since last year). I warmed up for two miles and down for one so the total workout distance should be 30 miles. I know that is over, but absent accurate data I decided I would err on the high side. I don't know my time as when the computer stops recording speed it also stops recording time (it assumes you stopped - not a bad assumption actually). I felt good on the hills - not great, but good. I felt smooth and fast on the flats and still had power at the end of the ride as evidenced by the hill by the dump not giving me any significant problems. There are a couple of rollers near the end of the ride and my legs felt it on those rollers. I'm not sure if I pushed as hard as I could have - might have had 3 - 4 percent more in me.

I am going to try to ge these electronic gizmo issues taken care of before my next TT in a week.

All in all, it was a good ride on a beautiful day.

Friday, April 2, 2010


I don't know what's more brutal, working the long hours or doing some of these workouts. I actually like what I do for a living, I just wish there wasn't such a brutal crunch time.

I worked out late Thursday and today (Friday). I'm going to get my ride in the morning tomorrow and who knows what Sunday will bring (I hope the pool is open).

Thurday night I did the bike 4 times 5k with one minute rest. I felt pretty strong considering that I was working out pretty late at night. Finished in 44:20 which included three minutes of rest. In other words the workout time was 41:20 for an average speed of about 18 mph. That's pretty good on the indoor for me - happy, not ecstatic though. I was totally gassed when I finished so I rested before starting the next workout (about three minutes) - deadlift 21reps, run 400, 9 situps, deadlift 15 reps, run 400m, 15 situps, deadlift 9 repr, run 400m, 21 situps. 11:31 total time.

Today was Run 800m, 21 burpees, run 800m, 15 burpees, run 800m, 9 burpees. I had a timing malfunction and just gor the time from the start of the second 800m until finished. That time is 9:26. Did I ever mention how much I dislike 800's.

I hope everyone's well. I'm going to do something I have not been doing much of lately - sleep!