Sunday, April 4, 2010

Should we plan a group ride?

Well, I'm almost done with my busy season and itching to be sociable again. Most of my bike time trials are on Saturdays not that I can't be flexible and ride on a Sunday. So here's the question: who has the best time trial course? I.e. little traffic, no left hand turns and no intersections.

Here's my thoughts - we start off together, get to the time trial starting line wherever that may be, do our workouts, and then regroup for a leisurely group ride of twenty miles or so. Lunch afterwards?

Any weekend starting with April 24th works for me.

My guess is that I am the farthest East - I don't mind traveling West for a good ride.


  1. Yes, I am in - give me your distance and I will find you a route of all right hand turns in the country - I love right turn only routes! Your brain does not have to think as much.