Friday, April 29, 2011

modified diet, training going o.k.

As well as getting my training back on track I tackled the diet as well. The fastest way I know to get fit is to tackle all three legs of the stool - training, rest and nutrition. I try to stay Paleo as much as possible; however, when on the run it is not always easy to put a Paleo meal together. I stray to the Zone as needed. I definitely feel better when I am 100% Paleo, but Zone is not a bad alternative. I try not to cheat and never plan a cheat meal as enough opportunities come along that planning is not needed.

Swimming and biking are coming along nicely. Did hill repeats on the bike Wed - can't say it was wonderful, but there is still some power there. Bike should come back quickly. Swimming is coming back quicker than I expected as that is the first discipline I let go when I got busy. The run, well, what can I say about the run. It has always been my nemesis. Yesterday's run felt much better than Tuesday's run so it seems that it is coming back, just slower than I would like. I kept the run going the longest so it is a little baffling that it is taking the longest to come back.

I haven't updated my race schedule yet - not racing as much this year. Focusing on a few key events. Doing Shamrock Du in May, Patriot in June, a local sprint in July, Litchfield Hills Olympic in August and IM AZ in November. I may slide a couple of others in there if it fits in with the training, but my focus this year is Patriot and IM AZ.

Happy training!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tax season sucks!

Well, this was the worst tax season ever. I worked over 100 more than I did last year (and I worked a lot last year). We had employees sick and on disability, deaths in the family and other issues. I saw the writing on the wall and picked up my hours in early February. Well, guess where the time comes from? You got that right - training.

I kept with it as long as I could - swimming got dropped first, then biking and then running got cut back to just twice a week and then nothing during the last week.

Well, I'm back at it. I just had a good week - struggled being tight and cardio definately suffered, but damn! it feels good being active again.

Joined a masters swim group and managed two over 3,000 yard swims last week - 3300 the first session and 3600 the second. No power in my stroke right now, but I'm damn happy with the yardage considering how long it's been since I swam.