Friday, April 29, 2011

modified diet, training going o.k.

As well as getting my training back on track I tackled the diet as well. The fastest way I know to get fit is to tackle all three legs of the stool - training, rest and nutrition. I try to stay Paleo as much as possible; however, when on the run it is not always easy to put a Paleo meal together. I stray to the Zone as needed. I definitely feel better when I am 100% Paleo, but Zone is not a bad alternative. I try not to cheat and never plan a cheat meal as enough opportunities come along that planning is not needed.

Swimming and biking are coming along nicely. Did hill repeats on the bike Wed - can't say it was wonderful, but there is still some power there. Bike should come back quickly. Swimming is coming back quicker than I expected as that is the first discipline I let go when I got busy. The run, well, what can I say about the run. It has always been my nemesis. Yesterday's run felt much better than Tuesday's run so it seems that it is coming back, just slower than I would like. I kept the run going the longest so it is a little baffling that it is taking the longest to come back.

I haven't updated my race schedule yet - not racing as much this year. Focusing on a few key events. Doing Shamrock Du in May, Patriot in June, a local sprint in July, Litchfield Hills Olympic in August and IM AZ in November. I may slide a couple of others in there if it fits in with the training, but my focus this year is Patriot and IM AZ.

Happy training!

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  1. sounds like things are getting better for you. I look forward to hearing about IMAZ. it s a race im considering for next year.