Thursday, September 30, 2010

Skipped one, made up one, added one

Wed recap:

Well, it's turning into a recurring theme - missed my swim workout. This time I had an excuse, not that I would have needed it. I left my workout bag at my daughter's gymnastics studio Tuesday night and it has all of my swim stuff in it - swim suit (yes, I only have one), goggles, etc. Not back there until tonight.

Did the 20 box jumps, 20 squats, 20 pushups, 20 situps, run one mile, times two. completed this in 21:05. Distance may have been slightly over a mile, but pretty close. Thought this was an easy workout (relative to others) until I got to the second round - I almost took a digger on the first box jump and determined that I better concentrate a little harder.

Second workout: I spaced out and forgot to do the 50 burpees on Tuesday. This was not intentional, I meant to do it after driving my daughter home from gymnastics but it takes a bit to get her to settle down at night and by the time I got her settled down I was ready to settle down myself. finished in 5:05.

I was feeling bad about missing the swim and realizing that I probably would not get to it Thursday either, so I decided to add a workout. I did two sets of 60 reps of lat pulls. It was a good burn.

Next two workouts are short, but intense and then it's all low intensity until the marathon. I have never looked more forward to running 26.2 miles than I do now.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last of the long one's - tapering according to plan

I ran the planned 15k last night. It actually came out to 9.45 miles vs. 9.3. Total time was 1:26:23. Not amazing, but not bad considering the long run on Sunday and the 110% humidity. It was really hard to breath.

Pace came out to 9:08 which I am quite happy with considering this is the end of the stressing the body period. I will taper according to the plan and hopefully run a great marathon.

I have been running exclusively with the Adizeros and have not had any issues with the feet or the calves. I am going to do the marathon with them - I really do think I run so much better with these shoes.

Got a massage this morning. Therapist said I had a lot of trigger point issues going on and that my left side was tighter than my right side. I feel so much better after seeing her. I told her about my plans to take some time off after the marathon and she thought that was a good idea - now I have three people telling me that it's a good idea to take a little time off.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

150 wall balls and long run

Did my 150 wall balls for time last night. I was really sluggish feeling and did not want to do it, but I am trying to be disciplined about the training. I finished in 7:13 which is only three second off of my best time - I'm surprised to say the least.

Ran somewhere between 12.4 and 12.7 miles today - can't get an accurate read unless I go out and clock it as I can't find the place I turned around on the map so I have to estimate it. The guy with the GPS decided I was running too slow for him so he went ahead and did a little more mileage than me.

I'm pretty happy with the pace as it was just over 9 minute pace (or just under depending on what the actual distance is) and I'm pretty beat up (felt the bike TT and wall balls in my legs today) - but this is it - 15k on Tuesday and then down from there until the marathon.

I feel ready. The only real concern I have is which running shoes do I use. Do I use my Asics or do I use the Adizeros. I definately feel faster with the Adizeros, but I have not run more than 13 miles with them and have only been using them for a couple of months. Are my feet strong enough for them yet? I'm leaning towards yes, but have not made a final decision.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bike TT - Accidental good course

I biked 20k for time this morning. The course chosen was picked due to running an errand and getting my workout in at the same time. I dropped my wife's car off this morning to get new shoes and rode my bike home. I decided to ride east into somers and then south towards home - basically a semi-circle. I warmed up for 2.5 miles which basically got me out of traffic and then started going hard. I went up to the prison and turned towards 190 - caught a lucky break as the light was green when I got there - it was the only left hand turn that I was going to take and could have got caught up for a while. 190 has been recently paved so it is nice and smooth. Turned down 83 and then took and an immediate right towards the fairgrounds.

The course was rolling, but there were plenty of long flat sections to get decent speed. finished in 35:56 for a 20.7 mph average. I'm going to pat myself on the back for this one.

Did 100 pushups for time last night. 4:52.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Not proud

I have not been too proud of the last few posts - writing more about missed workouts and deviating from the plan than anything else it seems. The running is going good and that is something I can be proud to put in the blog, but the missed/modified workouts have to stop.

Yesterday was an o.k. day. first workout was ride 1 mile rest one minute. Rode my bike from house to daughter's gym after work. Unfortunately I got out of work too late and ran out of day light on the way there - had to short the workout by six intervals. SIX! that's way too many. At least it was not for lack of desire, that would be more worrisome.

Second workout was 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups for time partition anyway I see fit. I did 10s. Have to admit that after 30 pull ups I started assisting myself a little (small hop off the ground). Total time 19:34.

Ran 4.85 miles this morning - planned workout was 4 x 800m at 80% effort. I think that the workouts were basically equivalent. Still have 100 push ups for time to do.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A little better

Swam 800 yards for time again yesterday. Finished in 14:26 or about 30 seconds faster than last time. Definately not feeling my stroke right now - missing way too many swim sessions - will definately get better about that after the marathon - right now I am focusing on my running, secondarily on the bike and if anything has to go, unfortunately its' the swimming. Missed a couple of Xfit workouts on the way as well - trying to be better about that since they are so damn fun!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Early start

Blew off both the swim and the deadlifts yesterday - worked until 9:00, did not get home until 10:00.

Got up at 4:45 this morning to get the 12.4 mile run in. According to my calculations, I finished in 1:51:39 which equates to 9:00 pace. If I can only hold that for another 13.8 miles I will be a happy camper.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I like the official results better

Max once told me - screw what your watch says - it's the official results that matter. I may be paraphrasing.

Tavern trot official finishing time was 27:05 for a pace of 7:45. That is better than the time I had myself at by 54 seconds - not sure what I did wrong.

Supposed to swim and lift today - my just lift as I am still at work and it is getting late.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I didn' t do it

I ran the Tavern Trot this afternoon. My goal was simply to beat last year's time and I was on target through the first and second miles. According to the timer at the first mile I finished it in 7:05 which is way faster than my pace, but I felt good so I decided to see if I could stay with it. I finished the second mile at about 15:00 even. I suspect that the individual timing the first mile started their watch late as I did not drop my pace that much. My unofficaial time is 27:59 vs. 27:32 last year. Well, they can't all be PRs and I was pretty beat up going into the race so I really should not have been expecting a stellar performance (but you can always be hopeful).

I did not run home as planned after the race. I ran back to my wife and daughter and walked in with them. My daughter was not happy that I talked her into this. Total distance for the day was about 6.5 (guestimate) and 3.5 was an all out effort. Going long on Tuesday (20k) and then will start to taper down.

The big day

As in the long day. Race is at 12:30. This is a minor race - doing it more for the benefit that it supports than the competition. Then the run home to follow - it will be a slow one, that is for sure.

Yesterday I did my 45 minute bike TT. I hit a fair and had to stop for pedestrian traffic. Had to stop at an intersection as well. I added one minute as I estimated that was the time lost - after adjusting for the minute I did 15.8 miles. Not too shabby.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Triple is done

This was a close one. Alicia came home from camp today so we were hanging out with her as much as possible - spoiling her, went out for dinner, shopping, etc. Got home and sun was starting to go down - grabbed my stuff and headed for the track. It was starting to get dark when I got there, but the track gets a lot of light from the tennis courts across the parking lot so I was o.k.

Workout was run 400m, 50 squats, 10 burpees times four. Completed workout in 17:04. I've come a long ways on this one - first time I did it I finished in 19:14, then 17:50 then 17:32 and now 17:04. It sure is hard running after the squats and burpees - legs feel like they are full of lead.

Tomorrow is a 45 minute bike TT. If I can't squeeze that in then there is something seriously wrong with me.

Going to run a race on Sunday (Windsor Tavern Trot) then I am running home - should be a long day - perhaps my longest non race day all year. I know it is not the Crossfit way of doing things, but I seem to react well to the long runs as long as I don't do too many of them.

Goodbye - going to play Wii with my daughter now.

One good, one not so good and one to go

Yes! I am going to get three workouts in today. Punishment for skipping yesterday. Quite honestly, I feel up to it.

First workout Row 500m, 50 swings, row 500m, 40 swings, row 500m, 30 swings, row 500m. Just did this workout about a week ago in 13:57 which was a pretty good time compared to prior weeks. I finished in 12:55 today and think I could have done a little better transitioning between excersises. I had a little under 8 minutes on the rowing machine which I thought was pretty good.

Second workout done immediately following - 800 yard swim. I had no power - all soaked up by the first workout. Physically I felt fine - I just could not generate power. Finished in 14:55 which is my slowest recorded time since I started keeping track (last December).

The next workout is running intervals - I intentionally saved this one for last because I won't miss this one - I could easily see myself skipping one of the other two (probably the swim).

I am looking for a rowing machine. Preferrably a Concepts 2 model D. I would be willing to consider a model C. I have been looking on Craigslist and Ebay (I hate Ebay) and the ones' on Craigslist go so fast - they are generally gone within a couple of days. I don't have time to look every day. It would get in the way of the time I allocate for blogging. Like I said, I hate Ebay - I would like to pick it up rather than pay up to $150 for shipping- all of the one's on Ebay right now are too far away.

If you know anyone selling a rowing machine please let me know. If I don't find one soon I will (gulp) have to pay full price for a new one.

I need a squat rack as well - know anyone getting rid of one?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Intervals, ya gotta love intervals

It looks like for me "be flexible" is the way to go. I was supposed to swim and do a rowing xfit workout today - worked late and had to be home to help out (having some floors refinished) at a certain time. Did what I needed to do and then headed to the basement to do tomorrow's workout - bike five minutes hard, two easy times four. Second workout was max squats times 7 - substituted leg presses.

Worked up a good sweat with the intervals. They hurt, but it was a good pain. I have no clue about distance, but it doesn't matter - I worked it hard and that is what matters.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Missed a couple of workouts w/addendum

Old me - would be really pissed.

New me - knows that the reasons I missed for were much more important than the workouts.

Sundays workouts were missed due to spending as much time with family as possible - daughter going away to camp for whole week (school related). It is not easy to send your 9 year old away for a week - the longest we have spent away from our daughter since she was born was maybe two days (one night). Carol and I have both traveled for business, but the other was always home with Alicia. Also, we are not allowed to talk to her all week. We can call the camp and they will be more than happy to tell us how she is doing, but they will not put her on the phone.

Monday - have missed the last few swims so I moved Sunday's swim to Monday and planned to do the crossfit workout as well. The swim went o.k. - definately felt tight in the shoulders and back due to not being in the water in a while. Workout was 10 x 50 all out with 1:00 rest. Went to do the Xfit workout right after the swim which was row 500m, 21 25# (each) dumbell thrusters times 3. I did the first row (no problem) and then started the thrusters and OH MY GOD! My shoulders were just too stiff from swimming. ABORT! ABORT! ABORT!

Tuesday - the only thing planned is 5k run for time. Will do that early evening - in the meantime I did the aborted workout from yesterday at lunchtime. Went much better - 13:36 total time. 15:05 last time I did this (back in February).


5k For time. Did the EW Veteran's 5k route. Finished in 24:21 which equates to 7:51 pace. It is not my best 5k time, but it equals my best time (last year's race). Considering that I am not rested and there is always a little adrenaline boost at a race I am quite happy with this result. I have been chasing this result all year! Now to beat it!

I finished the first mile in about 7:48. I don't think my watch keeps splits (either that or I am too moronic to figure it out) so I don't have any splits for the rest of the run. I ran this pretty even which pleases me. I used to run the first mile too fast and lose time later in the run. It seems I am finally figuring this pace thing out.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm on fire!

O.k., so many of you probably would not be very impressed with a 50:27 10k. For me, this was an unbelievably good time.

I ran the Suffield 10k this morning. It's a pretty low key race, but it's close to home and the course is challenging.

Before I get into my own race, let me tell you - there were a lot of kids who did the 5k that preceded my race. These kids were fast - I was very impressed. There were a fair number of kids (low to mid teens) running under 7 minute pace. There was also a 57 year old running under 7 minute pace.

I actually was not feeling that well when I woke up this morning, but had been looking forward to this race so I did not want to blow it off. Something I ate yesterday was not sitting well in my stomache, but after three trips to the bathroom I was feeling much better.

Drank lots of water to make sure I was hydrated. Drank some coffee too. Ate a light breakfast and then off to the races.

I was pretty relaxed at the start of the race - did a good warm-up and stretching session and then waited for the gun. When the gun went off I just followed the group out onto the roads. I had my pace set to show on my watch and every time I looked down at it I was running under 7 minute pace. This did not make sense as I felt comfortable and my HR was not outrageous. I finally turned it to miles instead of pace as I felt keeping an eye on this would distract me. Sure enough I ran by the first mile marker at exactly eight minutes - this is more like it. I felt very comfortable at mile one, but decided that it was much to early to think about kicking it up a notch so I kept to my comfortable pace. Not to mention I knew what happened in between mile 3 and 4 - big, steep hill. I conserved some energy for the hill - strategy was to run the hill hard and then try to hold on till the end. This is exactly what I did. I passed a few people on the hill and a few right after the hill - not a single one passed me back. I basically switched to another gear after the hill and just endured the pain for a little over two miles. I think I ran the race pretty even, but the second half was a whole lot more painful than the first half.

My total time as stated above was 50:27 (8:08 pace). Two years ago I finished this race in 56:23 and felt a whole lot worse upon completion than I felt today. Not only did I beat my prior time, I have not even come close to this in a training run. Add to all this - this was a difficult course. I'm ecstatic to say the least. This is the single biggest gain I've seen in my running in a long time.

Here's another tidbit on the race results. The guy who won was 32, the second place finisher was one second behind and he was 52. I'm guessing out kicked in the end. Third place finisher was 48 - appearently all the young folks do the 5k.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to back pain sessions

I worked late last night which is turning into a recurring theme. We are fortunate to have the work after a slow summer so I am not complaining, but it does screw up the workout calendar. I seriously considered skipping the workouts, but thought about how that would make me feel - did the workouts.

First one: Row 500m, 50 20# kb swings, Row 500m, 40 20# kb swings, Row 500m, 30 20# kb swings, row 5oom. I was pretty sore from Cindy the day before so getting going was a little painful, but I managed to beat my prior time by 30 seconds. Finished in 13:57.

Second one: Like I said it was late - had to do my running speed workout on the treadmill. I much prefer the track. Times are hard to keep track of on the treadmill so I keep track of the speed. Workout was run 200m, 400m, 800m, 400m, 200m 100% effort. Rest equals prior work period. Speed was 10, 9, 8 (bumped up to 8.2 in last 200m), 9.1, 10.1.

First workout today - five sets of 3 rep deadlifts. 200, 220, 230, 230, 240

I need a new training watch/hr monitor. I'm thinking about getting a Garmin. There are so many choices. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

back on track

Today called for a 10K run for time and Cindy. Did both. I'm racing a 10k on Saturday so I ran the 10k at tempo instead of race pace. Still managed a decent time for me - 55:53. The last time I did Cindy I finished 17 full and almost all of 18. This time I only managed 16 full and the pullups on 17. I finished number 17 for a total time of 20:40.

I'm rearranging my week due to the race on Saturday. I'm supposed to swim tomorrow, bike on Thursday, run intervals on Friday. I don't want to do the run intervals the day before I race so I'm going to do the run intervals tomorrow, still bike on Thur and swim on Friday. I need to figure out where to drop in the xfit workouts. Thinking about just leaving them where they are.

I have 28 running miles in this week - very unlike crossfit. I will have over 35 by the end of the week. This is the most I have run in a week in over a year. Sometimes you just gotta run!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Way off the reservation

Saturday was supposed to a be 60k time trial and a crossfit workout. A good friend of mine who I have not seen a long time wanted to ride with me - I was not going to say no. We rode about 33 hilly miles - I pushed the hills, but other than that did not go hard due to wanting to ride with my friend. Did not do the 30, 20, 10 reps of wall balls, squats and pushups.

Sunday was supposed to be 300 squats for time and a swim interval session. I went for a long run with another friend who I don't see very often - they were going 20 so I decided I would go 18 to try to finish around the same time as them. Actual distance was 18.17 in 2:53 for an average pace of 9:31. They finished a little before me.

Going to run easy tomorrow to relieve myself of some lactic acid and should be back on the schedule on Tuesday.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Temporarily off the reservation

Wed - no swim due to life's complications. Planned to squeeze it in Thursday - Life's complications continued to get in the way.

Thursday bike - was supposed to do 5 miles hard, five minutes rest times 5. Did not have time for this workout, plus had a bike buddy for the day so did his workout - moderate (tempo) pace for 21 miles (was supposed to be 30). Got two flats - went to get my tube and it was gone - fell out of my bag. Good thing I had my bike buddy (yes, I know that sounds gay). Got it fixed, rode five minutes and got another flat. Good thing he brings two tubes. At this point I was mad so we time trialed the way in which was five or six miles.

Friday morning - knew today would be another of life's complicated days so got up early to get it done. I learned the hard way that I can't do speed workouts in the morning so I ambled off for a five mile run. Total time 47:07. Felt sluggish - could be the humidity.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the short one's are the hardest

I have come to the conclusion that the easier the workout looks on paper the harder it is going to be. I went to LAF at lunch today to swim and do WOD. I usually swim first to try to avoid cramping from cooling down hot muscles. The pool was packed so I did Xfit WOD first. 5 deadlifts, 10 box jumps, 500m row for time. It was short, but it was not easy. First round always goes well, but by the time I finished the first row I was totally winded - I was a little dizzy going from the rows to the deadlifts but byt the time I got back to the bar I was fine. Someone stole my bar while I was rowing, but they had the proper amount of weight on it and I jumped in. Second row - figured there was only one more after this so I went hard again - again I was dizzy going to the deadlifts, but o.k. to deadlift when I got there - jumped into some else's workout (people are so nice), did the box jumps and then just really let it rip on the last row. The last 150 was done all out - every ounce of energy I had. Talk about dizzy!

Total time 11:39 - jumping into other people's sets did not take too much of my time - maybe 10 to 15 seconds.

I postponed the swim until later today - this wiped me. I did feel better after warming down, stretching and taking a cool shower though.