Sunday, September 26, 2010

150 wall balls and long run

Did my 150 wall balls for time last night. I was really sluggish feeling and did not want to do it, but I am trying to be disciplined about the training. I finished in 7:13 which is only three second off of my best time - I'm surprised to say the least.

Ran somewhere between 12.4 and 12.7 miles today - can't get an accurate read unless I go out and clock it as I can't find the place I turned around on the map so I have to estimate it. The guy with the GPS decided I was running too slow for him so he went ahead and did a little more mileage than me.

I'm pretty happy with the pace as it was just over 9 minute pace (or just under depending on what the actual distance is) and I'm pretty beat up (felt the bike TT and wall balls in my legs today) - but this is it - 15k on Tuesday and then down from there until the marathon.

I feel ready. The only real concern I have is which running shoes do I use. Do I use my Asics or do I use the Adizeros. I definately feel faster with the Adizeros, but I have not run more than 13 miles with them and have only been using them for a couple of months. Are my feet strong enough for them yet? I'm leaning towards yes, but have not made a final decision.


  1. Nice run Martin!

    I did the 20K bike TT and 150 wall balls yesterday and my legs were toast!

    I'm curious — have you run on Main Street in South Windsor at all for your training? I live there on the marathon route. They have recently chip sealed a portion of the road and it is just nasty. I think they messed up with it as its very abrasive and rough. It sucks to ride and run on and I'm ready to write an angry letter to the town... Be prepared to hit this part to the course. It'll likey tear your shoes up...

  2. Thanks for the Kudos - Max isn't too happy with my run distances.

    I have not run or been on Main Street in South Windsor in a while, but my recollection is that the road was not in bad condition. As a biker I can't stand it when they chip seal the roads. I know it is much cheaper than paving, but some of these towns are idiots when it comes to this. First off, the cracks and pot holes get uncovered after a few months and the road is now worse than it was before they did it.

    They chip sealed a road in Ellington that they repaved last year. The road had never been better and they chip seal it - what the hell is up with that? Ellington does a pretty good job with the chip sealing - East Windsor, however, does a crappy job!

    Thanks for the heads up - hopefully it smooths out a little over the next couple of weeks.

    I'm going to drive down the road soon to check it out.

  3. nice job getting your workouts in this weekend. its hard to get excited about 150 wallballs anytime.

  4. yah, the street gets chip sealed like every 3 years or so and it usually turns out okay — although its a nuisance while its being done with the loose stone and the dust that gets in everything. This time I think they just really screwed it up because its been a few weeks and the surface is just nasty. Its terrible to ride on and not pleasant to run on either. I've remember hitting all sorts of chip sealing in Somers last year while out riding. It really is the worst!

  5. Oh and, er nope I wouldn't think Max would be too happy with all those long runs you're throwing down!

    Good luck with the marathon—I'm gonna run the half as I have a 13.1 run on my plan for that day :)

  6. Hello, I've been following your blog since Max posted that thread on CFE forum. Anyways, as someone who is recovering from a stress fracture on the bottom of the heal, be very careful in your shoe selection. It is not fun being benched for a significant amount of time and lose everything you've worked for. Good luck.