Sunday, September 25, 2011

Epic Ride

Ride is called Biketoberfest. Organized by a fella in Southwick, MA and it is the hilliest 106 mile bike ride I have ever done. 13 brave souls started and finished this ride. I was smart enough to start to steady pace the hills right from the start which really paid off since most everyone was fried by the last hill about 18 miles from the finish. There were a few sections that I had to stand or my bike would have stopped in its tracks. I was fourth or fifth up that hill and I did not ride any harder than any other hill on the ride where I was consistly 10th. I just had more left. The last few miles were flat and fast - got an unbelievably fast pace line going and riders started dropping one by one. In the end there were only three riders left and I was one of them! How cool is that?

Ran four miles after the ride and could not believe how good I felt. Looks like the training and nutrition plans are working.

Had a couple of cold beers after this workout - I think I earned it!

As an aside, I overheard the ride organizer pondering how he might be able to put a few more hills in the ride next year. Oh bother!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something came up

Well, I'm not doing Branford this weekend. I'm guessing it is going to turn into a Du and even if it does not, I'm not too keen on a $15.00 late entrance fee. I need to go long this weekend and racing Branford would hinder my efforts.

I raced a 10k in Suffield this past Saturday. Results are hard to judge. I was 1:30 slower than last year but gained 14 places. Either the weather slowed me down (hotter than last year and a little humid) or the field was weaker. I suspect that it is a little of both. I felt pretty good running it. I took it out easy but picked it up earlier than I did the prior year. I ran the hill hard and from then on as hard as I could (a little over 2 miles) so pretty much the same game plan as last year.

Ordered a new full sleeve wet suit today - hopefully it will be in in a couple of days so I can practice in it this weekend. Historically the water in AZ has been 68 degrees or colder. A little too cold for a sleeveless. Besides, I understand that the full sleeves are a little faster than the sleeveless. I will take all the help I can get!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Update - It's been a long time

Today was my longest training day ever. I rode 112 miles followed up with a 4 mile run. Over 7 hours of training.

I have not raced much at all this summer. Something has come up for every single race that I had planned to do this summer. I am going to do Hammerfest in Branford CT September 18th. It is in Branford CT so I was concerned it might get cancelled in the wake of Hurricane Irene - Branford got hit hard. I contacted the race director and it is definitely on - they may need to turn it into a duathlon if the water conditions don't improve, but it is on. I would prefer a triathlon, but I am going to go regardless. I am race deprived.

The training is going well. Both my swimming and running have improved. I'm not necessarily a faster runner, but I can keep my pace over a longer period of time (plus I might be a little faster). Swimming - I just feel more comfortable in the water than I have in a long time. I have been doing a lot of open water swimming. As a matter of fact, I think I have only been in a pool twice this summer (not counting my trip to Cancun). I am going to miss the lake as it will be too cold to swim there pretty soon. Plus, all my swim buddies are pretty much done for the year - There are not too many people racing in the Fall. I know a woman doing Kona and a guy doing Florida, but other than swimming we have trouble synching up.

I hope everyone is well!