Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something came up

Well, I'm not doing Branford this weekend. I'm guessing it is going to turn into a Du and even if it does not, I'm not too keen on a $15.00 late entrance fee. I need to go long this weekend and racing Branford would hinder my efforts.

I raced a 10k in Suffield this past Saturday. Results are hard to judge. I was 1:30 slower than last year but gained 14 places. Either the weather slowed me down (hotter than last year and a little humid) or the field was weaker. I suspect that it is a little of both. I felt pretty good running it. I took it out easy but picked it up earlier than I did the prior year. I ran the hill hard and from then on as hard as I could (a little over 2 miles) so pretty much the same game plan as last year.

Ordered a new full sleeve wet suit today - hopefully it will be in in a couple of days so I can practice in it this weekend. Historically the water in AZ has been 68 degrees or colder. A little too cold for a sleeveless. Besides, I understand that the full sleeves are a little faster than the sleeveless. I will take all the help I can get!

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