Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Taper time

O.k. I did a year of Crossfit endurance followed by a year of LSD. Regardless of what my result will be in a week an a half I can say that the time commitment for the LSD trained ironman will put a strain on your relationships and your career. I tried to balance it all out, but there were a lot of missed opportunities for family time as the training generally won the time slot.

Tapering is just as strange with LSD as it is with CFE. One day you feel great and the next you feel like crap. One day energetic, next day can't get out of bed. The good news is that I did a one hour bike on the Computrainer tonight and my power was way up over Sunday and I was far from straining.

My bike is already on its way to Arizona. I leave the 16th and race is on the 20th. I am trying real hard just to keep a positive attitude and not put any undue pressure on myself, but I do have certain expectations. I fully expect that I can finish in 12:30 and there is a chance I can come in around 12:00. As they always say - it comes down to the run.

So, I have to look forward to next year so I can start setting my goals. It is much easier to keep yourself motivated to stay fit when you have goals you are reaching for. My schedule is not set in stone, but I am planning on starting with Hyannis half marathon in February. I may end the season with the Hartford Marathon - its all the stuff in between I am not sure of yet. I do know that there will not be any 140.6 races for me next year. I promised my wife none for next year and a promise is a promise. I did not, however, promise anything about the 70.3 distance races. There is on in Canada June 24th that looks interesting (Mont Tremblant). Or I may do the Rev 3 Patriot double again. I would also like to do Litchfield Hills again as I have a score to settle with that venue.

I hope to write a very up tone race report in a couple of weeks.