Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last of the long one's - tapering according to plan

I ran the planned 15k last night. It actually came out to 9.45 miles vs. 9.3. Total time was 1:26:23. Not amazing, but not bad considering the long run on Sunday and the 110% humidity. It was really hard to breath.

Pace came out to 9:08 which I am quite happy with considering this is the end of the stressing the body period. I will taper according to the plan and hopefully run a great marathon.

I have been running exclusively with the Adizeros and have not had any issues with the feet or the calves. I am going to do the marathon with them - I really do think I run so much better with these shoes.

Got a massage this morning. Therapist said I had a lot of trigger point issues going on and that my left side was tighter than my right side. I feel so much better after seeing her. I told her about my plans to take some time off after the marathon and she thought that was a good idea - now I have three people telling me that it's a good idea to take a little time off.

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