Sunday, September 19, 2010

I didn' t do it

I ran the Tavern Trot this afternoon. My goal was simply to beat last year's time and I was on target through the first and second miles. According to the timer at the first mile I finished it in 7:05 which is way faster than my pace, but I felt good so I decided to see if I could stay with it. I finished the second mile at about 15:00 even. I suspect that the individual timing the first mile started their watch late as I did not drop my pace that much. My unofficaial time is 27:59 vs. 27:32 last year. Well, they can't all be PRs and I was pretty beat up going into the race so I really should not have been expecting a stellar performance (but you can always be hopeful).

I did not run home as planned after the race. I ran back to my wife and daughter and walked in with them. My daughter was not happy that I talked her into this. Total distance for the day was about 6.5 (guestimate) and 3.5 was an all out effort. Going long on Tuesday (20k) and then will start to taper down.

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