Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the short one's are the hardest

I have come to the conclusion that the easier the workout looks on paper the harder it is going to be. I went to LAF at lunch today to swim and do WOD. I usually swim first to try to avoid cramping from cooling down hot muscles. The pool was packed so I did Xfit WOD first. 5 deadlifts, 10 box jumps, 500m row for time. It was short, but it was not easy. First round always goes well, but by the time I finished the first row I was totally winded - I was a little dizzy going from the rows to the deadlifts but byt the time I got back to the bar I was fine. Someone stole my bar while I was rowing, but they had the proper amount of weight on it and I jumped in. Second row - figured there was only one more after this so I went hard again - again I was dizzy going to the deadlifts, but o.k. to deadlift when I got there - jumped into some else's workout (people are so nice), did the box jumps and then just really let it rip on the last row. The last 150 was done all out - every ounce of energy I had. Talk about dizzy!

Total time 11:39 - jumping into other people's sets did not take too much of my time - maybe 10 to 15 seconds.

I postponed the swim until later today - this wiped me. I did feel better after warming down, stretching and taking a cool shower though.

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