Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It was hot!

I took yesterday off after doing the sprint on Sunday. I was weary, but not sore.

My workout for today was 100 squats 5k for time 100 squats. I did not have my plan with me and was going from memory and ended up doing 50 squats instead of 100. It was still a tough workout and I felt very close to passing out while doing the second set of 50 squats.

My 5k time was 26:13 or 8:26 pace. I believe I am fatigued from race plus the squats effected me somewhat. NOT TO MENTION THE HEAT! It was very hot, but I still ran as hard as I could. My average HR was 161 and my max was 171. I am very pleased with the effort I put forth on this run.

I did some running drills before getting started, but not as many as I should have. I will do the full complement on Friday.

I'm still in analyzing mode regarding the race - definately blew it on the swim - I checked a few more people's times and they all had better times than last year -I should have wore the wetsuit. Although my run was a little slower than last year my relative placing was good - I actually did better on the run than the swim - that never happens. The more I look at it the more pleased I am with the overall result. I could have done some things differently, but if I didn't try racing it the way I did I would always be wondering if I am better off without the wetsuit. Now I know.

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