Sunday, August 29, 2010

Analysis of Chicopee results

O.k., so this race was somewhat of an experiment. I raced without a wetsuit and lost some time. Probably quite a bit since the swim seems a little shorter this year than last based on looking at some other repeat offender times. I could blame it on the traffic jam at the beginning of the swim, but quite honestly this is one of the straightest swims I have ever done and the least amount of sighting. There is no excuses here - I was slower.

My time increase in the swim was forty seconds. And my time savings in transition was 33 seconds (net 7 seconds loss). Plus, like I already pointed out, I think the swim was shorter this year meaning that the time loss for no wetsuit was even greater.

My bike was 48:43 compared to 50:48 last year. Two minute pickup. T2 was 1:26 vs. 1:00 last year - shocking!

The run was 30:24 vs. 29:47 last year.

(-7+2:05-:26-:27) = :56 seconds faster.

I will never know how much the wetsuit would have saved me, but I do know that for now on I will always wear it if allowed if the swim is over 500 yards.


  1. You are over analyzing - I know it is hard not to do that. Was the weather the same, was your spot in transition the same? And I agree the swim was very strange - no exact starting point, just a 3,2,1, countdown from whereever you were - it was still fun, right?
    Now let's figure out when we can ride so you can help me get faster :)

  2. Hey Martin, So many things could have go on for the results to be what they were. Were you tapered last year? I know you've said your diet hasn't been great lately, maybe that had a little to do with it? Overall, faster. Focus on that.

  3. You should know by now that it's in my nature to analyze every detail. I was not tapered nor was I last year. Because of the setup of transition that should not be a factor. Weather was awesome.

    Bottom line - I had loads of fun!