Friday, September 3, 2010

Temporarily off the reservation

Wed - no swim due to life's complications. Planned to squeeze it in Thursday - Life's complications continued to get in the way.

Thursday bike - was supposed to do 5 miles hard, five minutes rest times 5. Did not have time for this workout, plus had a bike buddy for the day so did his workout - moderate (tempo) pace for 21 miles (was supposed to be 30). Got two flats - went to get my tube and it was gone - fell out of my bag. Good thing I had my bike buddy (yes, I know that sounds gay). Got it fixed, rode five minutes and got another flat. Good thing he brings two tubes. At this point I was mad so we time trialed the way in which was five or six miles.

Friday morning - knew today would be another of life's complicated days so got up early to get it done. I learned the hard way that I can't do speed workouts in the morning so I ambled off for a five mile run. Total time 47:07. Felt sluggish - could be the humidity.


  1. Someone has the post IM blues...

    This weather is the worst — I can't take any more hot and humid!

  2. No blues - actualy pretty damn happy!