Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Missed a couple of workouts w/addendum

Old me - would be really pissed.

New me - knows that the reasons I missed for were much more important than the workouts.

Sundays workouts were missed due to spending as much time with family as possible - daughter going away to camp for whole week (school related). It is not easy to send your 9 year old away for a week - the longest we have spent away from our daughter since she was born was maybe two days (one night). Carol and I have both traveled for business, but the other was always home with Alicia. Also, we are not allowed to talk to her all week. We can call the camp and they will be more than happy to tell us how she is doing, but they will not put her on the phone.

Monday - have missed the last few swims so I moved Sunday's swim to Monday and planned to do the crossfit workout as well. The swim went o.k. - definately felt tight in the shoulders and back due to not being in the water in a while. Workout was 10 x 50 all out with 1:00 rest. Went to do the Xfit workout right after the swim which was row 500m, 21 25# (each) dumbell thrusters times 3. I did the first row (no problem) and then started the thrusters and OH MY GOD! My shoulders were just too stiff from swimming. ABORT! ABORT! ABORT!

Tuesday - the only thing planned is 5k run for time. Will do that early evening - in the meantime I did the aborted workout from yesterday at lunchtime. Went much better - 13:36 total time. 15:05 last time I did this (back in February).


5k For time. Did the EW Veteran's 5k route. Finished in 24:21 which equates to 7:51 pace. It is not my best 5k time, but it equals my best time (last year's race). Considering that I am not rested and there is always a little adrenaline boost at a race I am quite happy with this result. I have been chasing this result all year! Now to beat it!

I finished the first mile in about 7:48. I don't think my watch keeps splits (either that or I am too moronic to figure it out) so I don't have any splits for the rest of the run. I ran this pretty even which pleases me. I used to run the first mile too fast and lose time later in the run. It seems I am finally figuring this pace thing out.


  1. glad your handling it well and not freaking about those missed workouts.

  2. That is a beautiful thing — to find your run. I hit this "sweet spot" last year after LP and had some really good runs and races in August and September. Keep workin' it!

  3. oh, btw — regarding IMAZ swim — they are busy fixing the dam, but also considering an alternate swim venue out at Seguro (sp?) Lake so I think the race will go on as full normal IM in one form or the other. Feeling a bit more motivated as a result of this information :)