Friday, September 24, 2010

Not proud

I have not been too proud of the last few posts - writing more about missed workouts and deviating from the plan than anything else it seems. The running is going good and that is something I can be proud to put in the blog, but the missed/modified workouts have to stop.

Yesterday was an o.k. day. first workout was ride 1 mile rest one minute. Rode my bike from house to daughter's gym after work. Unfortunately I got out of work too late and ran out of day light on the way there - had to short the workout by six intervals. SIX! that's way too many. At least it was not for lack of desire, that would be more worrisome.

Second workout was 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups for time partition anyway I see fit. I did 10s. Have to admit that after 30 pull ups I started assisting myself a little (small hop off the ground). Total time 19:34.

Ran 4.85 miles this morning - planned workout was 4 x 800m at 80% effort. I think that the workouts were basically equivalent. Still have 100 push ups for time to do.


  1. the pull ups were killer Martin! that you did 30 unassisted is awesome!

    All of mine were assisted! and I am SORE today!

  2. 100 pullups is a lot not matter how you do them. good luck getting back on track.