Tuesday, September 7, 2010

back on track

Today called for a 10K run for time and Cindy. Did both. I'm racing a 10k on Saturday so I ran the 10k at tempo instead of race pace. Still managed a decent time for me - 55:53. The last time I did Cindy I finished 17 full and almost all of 18. This time I only managed 16 full and the pullups on 17. I finished number 17 for a total time of 20:40.

I'm rearranging my week due to the race on Saturday. I'm supposed to swim tomorrow, bike on Thursday, run intervals on Friday. I don't want to do the run intervals the day before I race so I'm going to do the run intervals tomorrow, still bike on Thur and swim on Friday. I need to figure out where to drop in the xfit workouts. Thinking about just leaving them where they are.

I have 28 running miles in this week - very unlike crossfit. I will have over 35 by the end of the week. This is the most I have run in a week in over a year. Sometimes you just gotta run!

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