Monday, April 25, 2011

Tax season sucks!

Well, this was the worst tax season ever. I worked over 100 more than I did last year (and I worked a lot last year). We had employees sick and on disability, deaths in the family and other issues. I saw the writing on the wall and picked up my hours in early February. Well, guess where the time comes from? You got that right - training.

I kept with it as long as I could - swimming got dropped first, then biking and then running got cut back to just twice a week and then nothing during the last week.

Well, I'm back at it. I just had a good week - struggled being tight and cardio definately suffered, but damn! it feels good being active again.

Joined a masters swim group and managed two over 3,000 yard swims last week - 3300 the first session and 3600 the second. No power in my stroke right now, but I'm damn happy with the yardage considering how long it's been since I swam.


  1. Welcome back to the world Martin. We are staying at the Crowne Plaza.