Saturday, April 3, 2010

Brothers and Sisters - be careful out there!

I went for a ride on what will now be my regular time trial route for 40k or over. It has some hills on it so it is adequately challenging.

I was over half way done and cruising on a flat section when this bonehead decides that he is going to pass a left turning motorist on the right in the breakdown lane. Well.....he didn't have enough room so he was stuck and I had nowhere to go. I was tooling around at about 25mph and I had to come to a complete stop because this guy can't guage width. Luckily I looked up (yeah, I know you are always supposed to be looking ahead, but this happened so fast, one second it was all clear and the next I was slamming on my brakes).

AND THEN, not more than five minutes later a woman is pulling out of a side street on the right taking a left turn. She was looking right at me so I know she saw me. I assumed she was waiting for me to get by as she was not moving so I kept the pressure on - it was a time trial after all. Would you believe that she pulled out right in front of me - I had to swerve to miss her. I generally don't cuss, make gestures, etc. as I don't want us bikers to get a bad name, but both of these incidents really got my ire up and I blasted them (they proably couldn't hear me, but I know they could read my body language and facial expressions).

Stats on the ride - well there are always stats, but I don't have the normal feedback. My HR monitor is not working - I believe the strap needs a new battery and CVS did not have the size I needed. Don't have time to hunt for it right now. Bike computer was not working right - speed was jumping around all over the place and it actually stopped recording for a while. I have had problems with this computer since I got it - will definately let the bike shop know when I bring the bike in for a tune-up. So, I don't know my max or average HR, my average speed or even the exact distance for that matter. Here's what I do know, or think I know. The total course distance is 33 miles (I think, haven't rode it since last year). I warmed up for two miles and down for one so the total workout distance should be 30 miles. I know that is over, but absent accurate data I decided I would err on the high side. I don't know my time as when the computer stops recording speed it also stops recording time (it assumes you stopped - not a bad assumption actually). I felt good on the hills - not great, but good. I felt smooth and fast on the flats and still had power at the end of the ride as evidenced by the hill by the dump not giving me any significant problems. There are a couple of rollers near the end of the ride and my legs felt it on those rollers. I'm not sure if I pushed as hard as I could have - might have had 3 - 4 percent more in me.

I am going to try to ge these electronic gizmo issues taken care of before my next TT in a week.

All in all, it was a good ride on a beautiful day.


  1. Martin

    You have to be a defensive rider out there. Just need to assume people are going to do things like this. Worse is what happened to me a few weeks ago with some idiot throwing a cigarette at me. Now you have to have eyes in the back of your head. I glad your OK & nothing came of it, but I totally understand your frustration & getting upset. Be safe.

  2. I am not a yeller either , or maybe I am. I was out on Thursday doing my 4x5K came to a 4 way stop, I was next to go and I know the lady on her bug convertible saw me, but she decided to go next. She was on her cell phone so when I shouted "get off your fucking phone" she so heard me.
    Glad you were not injured.