Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wrentham Du and last couple of days workouts

Saturday's workout was painting our room above the garage. It was long overdo. I actually had plenty of help and was able to go for my ride about 1:30 p.m. This was a 60k TT. I modified my route from last week's 30 mile TT to make sure I got the hills into the ride. My time came out to 2:00:47 - about 18.6 mph. Although I am pretty sure I can do this faster, this was a huge improvement over last week and no cramps. I had to go to the in-laws for an impromptu birthday celebration so WOD two was off. That was supposed to be 30 wall balls, 30 squats, 30 pushups, then 20 each then 10 each.

I had to get up early for this one. Too close to warrant renting a room and too far to sleep in.

I was feeling a little tight from the last few days. I warmed up with an easy two mile run and although that loosened me up a little I was still tight at the start. I ran the first mile at 7:22 pace, but must have slowed down considerably because the official results have me averaging 8:09 pace for the first run (three miles). I jumped on my bike and immediately started picking people off. Just to put things in perspective my overall result was 197 on the first run and 100 on the bike. I definately felt stronger on the bike yesterday, but this was my third day in a row of intense biking - it was to be expected. I finished the bike in 33:36 which comes out to about 19.65 mph. It was a little hilly and the roads were wet so I did not corner real aggressive. The hills really weren't that bad - rode better hills yesterday. My second transition was not good - for some reason I could not release the clasp on my helmet - I almost ran with it on. I actually felt good on the second run - ran 8:10 pace. I even passed a few people - that never used to happen. My overall result on the second run was 185 so I picked up twelve placed on the second run. I almost got nipped at the end and had to sprint to keep my place - that was fun. I finished 12th out of 23 in my age group (45-49). Finished 139th overall out of I don't know how many - I thought I heard the announcer say there was 400 starters - I'm too lazy to go back to the website to look it up.

Now - back to that missed workout. I could not end the weekend with a missed workout hanging over my head so I decided to do it in the early evening. I still don't have a ball so I used a 25 # plate as a substitute. Finished this workout in 7:17.

Tomorrow is a rest day. I think I need it.


  1. Martin

    Great results on the race!!!! Smart on your part for not getting too aggressive on wet roads. Excellent job!!!

  2. Great work Martin, nice times on the run, especially after the tough WOD's