Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cruel joke or confidence builder

I woke up this morning sore and tight from the 100 pushups. Still sore and tight in the evening as I'm going for my swim workout. I did a lot of out of the pool warmup and stretching exercises to try to loosen up for my swim - on tap 800 yards for time. As I started swimming my warmup I thought this was a real cruel idea of a joke to have someone swim after a hard chest workout the day before; however, as I was winding down my warmup I noticed a loosening of my chest and triceps. I was still not sure how my swim was going to go. I was initially going to swim the first 100 hard and then settle into a rhythm but decided to try to swim it even instead (effort wise, I do not keep lap splits). I swam it in 13:53 - five seconds off of my best. That's the difference of a couple of sloppy turns and not getting the stopwatch turned off quickly - I'll take it! After last week's unbelievably weak swim this felt really good.

Second workout - about ten minutes after the swim. 5000 meter row. I generally go out too hard on these so I decided to start conservatively and build on the effort if possible. Once again I'm thinking what a cruel joke to put this particular workout after a 13.1 mile run the day before. Once again I was surprised with the result. I finished in 20:34. My best time at this is 20:21 and the last time I did it I finished in 20:47. To say I'm pleasantly surprised is an understatment.

Diet's still good - 98% Paleo from Sunday till now. Meal spacing good. Tomorrow will be a challenge - meetings and seminars all day, but I'm pretty sure I can keep the diet on track. Not worth the reduced energy levels to blow it.


  1. Martin

    You continue to amaze me. Great results on your WOD's particularly your swim!! Way to go!!

  2. 2 awesome results Martin. I am really impressed with your results!