Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not bad

Well they weren't PRs, but not bad either. Did the same 13.1 mile run that I did 2 weeks ago on 3.5 hours of sleep. I'm happy to say that I beat that time (I better have). I finished the run in 2:04:02. By best time at this distance was 1:58:30. I finished the first half in 1:01:47 and was fairly sure I could negative split the run as I felt really good at the half way point. I kept it even until there was about 2 - 2.5 miles to go and then tried to pick it up. I thought I was successful until I saw my ending time. I only lost 27 seconds on the second half but I honestly felt like I was going faster so I find this somewhat disturbing.

100 pushups for time. Do you ever go into a workout just knowing that you are going to beat your prior workout's time. Well, this was one of those times, except it did not happen. Finished in 4:57 vs. 4:42 on 3/12. I think I need to go back to being sleep deprived and stressed out - my workouts were better. In all honesty, this was not bad - it was only a couple of hours after the 13.1 mile run so I suppose my energy stores aren't fully topped off. It was only 15 seconds slower and it hurt so I'm marking this up as a good effort.


  1. Both good results, only human nature to continue to beat ourselves up over times, so I won't even bother telling you to stop - but just know you will have strong days and then stronger days - there won't be any weak days given what we are doing.

  2. Great comment by Erica and very true, I know what you mean Martin, sometimes I think I am running faster only to find out I slowed down - I have been working on trying to be more relaxed in my body and this has produced some faster times!!