Saturday, April 10, 2010

decent run, bike - had issues

Yesterday I did the four one mile repeats. I did not rest the required 8 minutes between reps (probably more like 4 minutes) as I did not get started until about 9 p.m. (so much for doing them in the light of day). I warmed up with a mile and recalibrated my GPS during that mile. Hopefully it is accurate now.

Times were as follows:
1 7:34
2 7:50
3 7:58
4 7:43 (rested longer for this one, probably not eight minutes, but at least 6 or 7).

Felt pretty comfortable running - much better than Tuesday.

100 pullups for time. 19:24. Did a bunch of lat pulldowns after this. I just didn't feel done yet.

Bike this morning - first off, it was cold! I dressed for it, but it is still hard to ride in the cold. on tap - 30 mile time trial. This was not my best ride. My calves started cramping at about mile 10. Not sure what that's about - cold? prior night's workout? Lack of sleep? seat too high? combination? I forged on, but there was no way I could ride at 100% - everytime I tried to up the effort one or both of my calves would cramp - AND IT HURT!! I had a good excuse to quit, but chose instead to do the best I could in my current condition. Just to add insult to injury, there was a fairly strong headwind on the final flat section (about a five mile strip) which slowed me down significantly. Total time was 1:42:38 (17.54 mph).


  1. That is a good bike, the weather was totally deceiving today - great job! And you were outside and not at 9pm! That is all good.

  2. Great bike Martin! After all your issues, still a good time. I didn't have any issues and finished in 1:40:47. I need to try and bike with you.

  3. Good Job Martin. I did 1:42:32 with no issues except the headwind.

    We may ride all together.