Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feeling flat

I skipped one of my workouts yesterday due to work contstraints (the CF rowing circuit). I did do it today, but it took are great deal of talking myself into it.

First workout today was to swim 100s. eight times with 4 minutes rest. Time was an issue again as I needed the Gym's equipment to do the rowing circuit, so I rested about three minutes between each 100. I promise to adhere to the workouts better after 4/15. I momentarily forgot how to use my stopwatch so I don't have a lot of my times. Here's a couple of the times I did manage to get - 1:33, 1:31. The 1:31 was the final 100. The first 3 were done in a total time of 4:25 or about 1:28 average. The next three were done in a total time of 4:29 which comes out to between 1:29 amd 1:30 average.

Like I mentioned above. It was really hard to convince myself that I needed to do the CF workout left over from yesterday. I am still sore from the pullups and the lat pulls (what was I thinking?). I was tired from the swim and I'm just plain tired. Plus I am still working (just taking a little break right now).

Here's how I talked myself into it:

Am I physically sick? No
Will it be easier to skip in future if I let myself out of this today? Yes
Will this make me stronger? Yes
Do I want to complete the IM? Yes

I did the workout. It was hard. My time was 12:10. Not sure how that stacks up, but it did not feel like a stellar performance to me.

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  1. Way to go Martin, but make sure you don't burn yourself out :)