Thursday, April 22, 2010

One bad, one good

Last night was a swim workout. I really did not want to get in the pool - just was not feeling it. I dutifully got in the water and swam my warm-up. I felt like getting out after the warm-up, but had it to do. I rested a few minutes and then started the 1000. I was not feeling it and my breathing was not great. I finished in 18:24 almost a minute off from my time about a month ago of 17:26. I was not surprised by my time. It's been a week since I was last in the pool which might be partially responsible for this, plus we had furniture delivered yesterday and I spent a good portion of the afternoon and early evening moving furniture around so I was already tired when I got to the pool. Just saying.

I've had a new ailment for the last few days. I have been waking up with an extremely sore back. Generally I know the exact cause of my aches and pains, but this one eludes me. I have never gotten a sore back from sleeping before. It happened three days in a row - pain was so bad it woke me up. It is in the middle back just under my shoulder blades. If it's stress related I would have expected it to hit a couple of weeks ago, not now. This morning was the first morning it did not bother me as much (also first night I slept in new bed with new mattress).

I did not do the deadlifts last night due to this issue. I may do them tonight depending on how the back feels throughout the day.

I did my first workout today this morning. I rode - workout was two minutes standing and one sitting times ten. I started the workout up a hill and managed to get two in on the hill. a couple of them had downhill sections in them, but most were either uphill or on the flats. I really felt this in my legs - I've done similar workouts in the past, but it definately felt different doing this outside. I rode 26 miles in total - felt really good to get a decent ride in first thing in the morning. I felt fairly powerful on today's ride.

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