Friday, April 16, 2010

A new way to celebrate

Yesterday was April 15th. We always take the staff out to dinner to celebrate. I generally have a driver as I like to celebrate as well. This year I did not need a driver. I decided to start a new tradition - do a workout on April 15th. That to me is a great way to end the busy season. I was not going to have time to do the 5 x 5mile bike intervals so I did Friday's KB swings, situps and squats - 40 each times three. Finished this in 12:21.

Moved to the bike to Friday (today). Results were as follows:

14:37 - fairly flat with a little headwind
15:47 - had a couple of small hills
15:39 - This one had a long gradual hill in it, surprised it came in this fast
16:05 - Or was it this one that had the hill?
13:28 - Very flat and a tailwind for perhaps two miles. I wish I was this fast!

Special note - NO CRAMPS!!

I tried out my new Rudy Project TT helmet. I must say that it is extremely comfortable and very light. I barely even knew it was on my head.

Overall I felt pretty good. Looking forward to doing the 200s later today.


  1. Woo Hoo! I was so hoping you would post about getting outside today.

  2. Really great times Martin! I need to follow you on the bike. Congrats on making it through the 15th alive!