Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh the difference a night's sleep makes

I went right to bed last night (more like passed out) and got at least eight hours, possibly nine. I felt pretty good today, not 100%, but not bad either. I got to the pool at 9:00 p.m. (early workout) for the 800yd time trial. Warmed up with an easy 200 pull concentrating on stroke mechanics. Rested a few minutes and then did the 800. I finished in 13:47 - one second faster than last week. Not a bad way to end my busy season workouts. Cooled down with a 200.

I took a shower before my next workout - yeah I know that sounds weird, but I wanted to get the chlorine off me. The next workout was 5 deadlifts, 10 boxjumps and 500m row three times for time. The amazing thing is that I actually had energy for this - last week I felt drained after the swim, today I felt great. I finished this workout in 11:13. I clearly could have taken a minute off if I could have done the deadlifts next to the rowing machine.

Peace out!

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