Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm bummed

Today was a 5k for time. My rest was good, diet back on track, hydrated well, etc. I felt good going into the run - did a good warm up with a couple of pickups to get the HR up. I ran an officially marked course. Everything felt right. I felt my running technique was good - I concentrated on quick feet, hip placement, etc. I even felt real strong on the hills. Like I said everything felt right. I gave it my all - I could not have possible put any more into this run. I concentrated real hard on the second mile as this is where I usually relax. I can't seem to find a single mistake on this run which is strange as I can find fault with just about anything I do - I'm my harshest critic.

So why am I bummed - my time was almost a minute higher than my best time on this course which was in November. And since then I have come pretty close. I truly believe that this is the hardest I have worked on a run in a very long time and I was convinced it was going to be a PR until I looked at my watch. 25:19 on a 5k. I know not every workout can be a PR, but everything felt right this time.

This truly troubles me as I realize that running is my weakness. Due to this, I felt it was the greatest opportunity to improve my overall times - I'm not so convinced any more.


  1. So we were both disappointed with our runs yesterday - after a good night, good sleep, I decided to not dwell. I hope you can do the same - there are probably other factors you are not considering - maybe weather/wind/time of day? Hang in there - I have seen the training payoff and it will for you.

  2. Hey Martin,

    Could you have been tired/sore without really thinking you were. I find we walk around with sore/tired legs constantly. It feels normal now for our legs to feel like this. Being fresh is more the exception than the rule. Keep the faith.

  3. I will keep the faith. There are positives that I did not include. I felt good before during and after run - well my legs were spent and my lungs were burning at the very end, but I recovered quickly. It used to be when I pushed this hard stairs would be hard for me after the run including up to a day after - I feel it a little today, but not bad - I still have pep in my step. My recovery is much better than it used to be.

  4. Martin,

    I totally understand what you're talking about. Pushing hard and not getting an expected result.
    I think we all are learning to "time" and "synchronize" our inner feelings with the facts.
    Myself, I decided to keep pushing and tuning what I feel compare with what I accomplished, I know for sure soon will be pay day.

    keep going...

  5. Hey Martin,
    I totally understand how you feel, I too am a very harsh critic of myself and its hard when you think you have had a great session and find that the times are not as expected.

    Sometimes I think we place too much emphasis on times etc (I know I do) but there are other factors to take into account, the training you have done prior to this session etc - the fact that you felt so good during and after the run you should take as a positive - my running has improved so much since taking up CF but it was slow and sure - keep the faith :)