Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The back is back

I should probably wait until tomorrow to report that the back is fine as there could be a latent effect from today's workout.

I started with the swim. 1,000 yard TT. I am happy with the result. I swam it in 18:14. The last swim TT I did was 800 yds 1/6/2010 and I completed that in 14:42. By my calculation the pace was exactly the same. Additionally, my back did not bother me at all.

Hey, does this happen to you? Do you sometimes lose count of your laps? - sometimes I just start to daydream and suddenly I'm asking myself "was this lap 16 or 18?" It didn't happen today, but it drives me crazy as I always pick the lesser of the two numbers and then wonder if my time was right in the end. I hate to admit this, but sometimes it happens more than once in the same swim.

I deadlifted after the swim. I have not deadlifted heavy since the injury so I did not know what to expect. I started light just to see how it felt - started with 135 (did not count that in the 7 rounds). Felt good so I put two more 45 lb plates on and did 225. I counted that one. Then 245, 265 and I tried 275 but could not do it. Probably being over zealous considering that I have not deadlifted heavy in quite some time. I went back down to 265 and could not do that either so I finished up with 255 for three rounds. I did a couple of sets of five with 135 to practice form. I want to go heavy but I also want to stay injury free so working on form is a good investment as far as I'm concerned.

Tomorrow looks like fun - no, really, I mean it. Would like to do one of the workouts in the morning to break them up, but that is probably not going to happen. I love bike intervals - always have.


  1. I ALWAYS loose count of laps during the swim! It's so annoying! Great job on those deadlifts

  2. I loose count of the laps ofter, that's why I started using the LAP BUTTON on my watch to keep track of the laps. It's annoying but help to daydream