Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I've been bad!

I never intended to stop excersising and in fact, did not. I just needed a break from a rigid program. I did not intend to take a break from maintaining good habits mainly in the diet area. I cannot even begin to explain how bad I have been. Not only am I a far cry from Paleo, I'm not even zoning it.

Too much beer, too much candy, and no portion control!

I guess when I took a break mentally, I REALLY took a break.

I am really quite disgusted with myself and I'm blogging about it hoping to get yelled at so I can get my act together.


  1. Sounds like you feel bad enough about it. Just pick it all back up again. Time to get back on the bike and ride. There are reasons why you control your diet and why you exercise. If those are still valid to you, you already answered why you need to be doing it. This time of the year you really need to be vigilant about it or it becomes a series of rationalizations. It the holidays, it's cold out! etc. best wishes, you know you can do it you already have.

  2. Nancy wants to know if you still look like a stud ;-)
    Martin, a week off the reservation only serves as a reminder of how good the reservation actually is. You went about 18 months without much of break. You've had your fun, now get back to work!