Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back in the pool

Finally! I managed to get back in the water. This was not a hardcore workout, more of an ice breaker. I signed up for some swim lessons (coaching) which starts this Friday. I did not want to be tight as a drum going into that session so I planned to get a couple of swims in - something kept coming up (either work or family matters). I forced the issue today and got 1,000 yards in. Not a big swim, but better than zero.

Here's a recap since last Wed.

Thursday - Tabata bike 32 rounds all standing (10 min warm-up and 5 warm-down). Lat pulls 30 reps w/easy weight, then three sets of 10 heavy.

Friday - 100 pushups 4:45, 250 situps 7:46, 100 squats 2:54.

Saturday - WHAT A NICE DAY! I planned on a bike ride but got dragged all over the place by family. I was able to squeeze a run in late in the day. No watch, no HR - just ran. I was going to do my 5 mile route, but was feeling pretty good so I extended it and did about 7. I was going to go further, but had plans and am trying to keep in good graces w/wife and child especially since I am planning to ramp it back up pretty soon (gots to earn points while I can!).

Sunday - daughter's first gymnastics meet of the season plus it was her birthday. Meet was in morning so I was planning on having plenty of time to ride in the afternoon - WRONG! We went out for lunch with freinds to celebrate Alicia's birthday and it took way longer than it should have then we had to stop at the in-laws house for cake. I could just feel the day getting shorter and it was really aggravating me, but I tried to keep my cool. I managed to get one hour in - it got dark on me but I had my light and flashy running vest on. I will ride in woods at night, but not alone so I came home. There was a good hill in this ride so I still got a decent workout in even though it was short.

Monday - nothing.

Tues - planned on long run but weather did not cooperate. It was pretty dark at night - dark and scary - did not feel that visibility was great so I decided that staying alive was more important than workout in this instance. Not ready for treadmill yet!

Wed (That's today) Swam 1000 fairly easy yards. Did two 50's hard to see how it would feel.

I generally ride on Thursdays but I think it is going to be a run day tomorrow.

And Nancy, no I don't look like a stud anymore. I put on a couple of pounds and I just don't wear it well.