Saturday, November 20, 2010

Swim lesson

I ran long on Thursday - nuff said.

Friday was a swim lesson with coach Jim in Wilbraham Mass. He was a national champion swimmer in the 70s and has been coaching for over 30 years. He also knows the difference between what is needed for long distance races and short races so he focuses on trying to teach us triathletes to be more efficient. Now the good news. He picked apart most people's strokes, but he was pretty happy with mine. The one thing that he pointed out was that my right side was perfect, but the catch on my left side is not. I seem to recall Max pointing that out to me as well. I did a lot of catch-up drills after Max pointed that out and thought I fixed the problem. I don't think it is as bad as it once was, but it is still there. One thing he had us do was swim a few laps with our heads out of the water so we could watch our stroke. This seemed to help some.

I may not be there the night they videotape, but he said he would make arrangements to make sure I get videoed so he can point out the issues that he is seeing.

I got very tight part way through the session - we ended up with 10 100s - My shoulders got so tight I was having trouble rotating them right. I will be swimming more regularly now so this should not be an issue for long.

I went for an easy run this morning - felt better after the run than before it.

Plan to mountain bike tomorrow. Can't do it with the guys as Alicia has a meet and they tend to dally quite a bit. I will be on a schedule.

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  1. swim lesson sounds really helpful. Curious to see how the videotaping goes.