Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sometimes you just feel like you are going fast

To start I did not get my swim in yesterday. I was really looking forward to it after a long day at work. I worked in Hamden, but decided that I would stop at the LAF in SW rather than Hamden since the SW one is right on my way home. I walked in, looked to the left and saw that there was no water in the pool. That sucks!

I drove to the Y to check it out. It's a real nice facility, but I thought it was a little expensive - isn't it supposed to be a nonprofit? The family plan is nice if the rest of the family would actually take advantage of it, but that would be a waste of money in my household. I'm going to stick with LAF.

I ran 5k for time. I set my metronome for 96 and tried to hold that the whole time. I really felt like I was moving fast and keeping my form good. I did an out and back which was slightly uphill on the way back - total time was 25:23 and I'm a bit disappointed with that. I don't remember feeling this good on a run in a long time - maybe never. I really thought I smoked it. My second half was faster than my first which I am pleased with though - that never happens for me.

Second workout was 100 feet walking lunge, 10 burpees, 25 situps three times for time. I had to take it inside so I modified the walking lunges to 20 each leg. Total time 12:32.

Hopefully there's water in the pool tomorrow because I'm working in SW tomorrow. No water equals 500 pushups or something like that.

I signed up for Chicopee today - Sunday's fun.

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  1. See you Sunday then - I figure I could tolerate 100 minutes of body pain.