Sunday, August 15, 2010


Thursday- knew I was not going to be able to get both workouts in so I swapped Friday with Thursday. 3 x 800m run at 80%. Wore my new Adizero running shoes - they feel great. I did not have my metronome, but I concentrated on fast turnover. Rusults were better than I would have expected - 3:16, 3:21, 3:26. Must be the shoes.

Friday: I did not get both workouts in - had to get home as we were planning to go te the Visa Gymnastics championships. I squeezed the rowing workout in on the way home - 15 burpees, 250m row, 12 burpees, 250m row, 9 burpees, 250 row. I loved this workout - first time rowing 250s and realized during the last set that I could have pushed each row a little harder. Toteal time 6:21.

I did not get the ride in, so I doubled up on Saturday and did one hour instead of the 30 minutes that was prescribed (I was supposed to do 30 min on Thur and 30 minutes on Sat). Ride was supposed to be at 70%. I just rode how I felt - may have been closer to 80%, but I was just having fun, not really paying attention to HR - looked after the ride and average was 140. Completed 20 miles.

Didn't get the wall balls in until late. Picked up a 12 pound ball today so I do not have to go to gym for a quick workout like this - plus I don't like substituting, the substitutes (thusters or thrusters with a weight plate) just don't do it justice. 150 wall balls for time - 7:10. Almost a minute faster than my prior best time.

As an aside, I have been sore for most of the week, but still have been hitting the workouts hard - at least the ones I'm supposed to hit hard. My times have all been improvements over past times. I thinking I'm letting this Ironman thing get to my head - but that's o.k.

It's going to be another busy day today so it will be hard to get both workouts in, but I will endeavor to get it done!!

I hope everyone is doing well.

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  1. Way to keep going Martin. Nice job fitting the workouts in.