Thursday, July 1, 2010

Swim last night, Tabata this morning

Last night was a little "power swim." The swim workout was 400 yards for time. I felt strong throughout this swim - never really got that feeling of "when the heck is the swim going to end," or "I might have gone out too hard."

I finished in 6:31 which equates to 1:37 per 100. That is pretty darn good for me.

Did the Tabata bike times 32 this morning. Completed 5.1 miles. Don't recall off the top of my head what the last one was, but am pretty sure it was a little further. I threw a hill into the ride this time - not real big, but big enough that I had to work three or four times on the hill. It was a real leg burner.

I really wanted to do tonights workout at the track, but will most likely do it inside at LAF since I do not have a medicine ball and don't want to have to trudge home to get a weight plate that I would pretend is a ball. Ho Hum, another treadmill workout.

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