Friday, July 2, 2010

Brutal does not cover it

400m run, 30 box jumps, 30 wall balls, four times for time. Have I mentioned I hate box jumps? Give me burpees any day - keep the box jumps.

Who would think that the 400m runnning would be the easy part - that was my rest period. It helps that the treadmill takes a few seconds to get up to speed - just enough time to catch your breath a little.

Last night was another late night at work. Left work at 9:15 and arrived at gym around 9:30. Someone was on the treadmill I needed (or I would have been running up and down stairs in between sets) so I took my time setting up my workout area. I had to build my box out of the aerobic step up platform - works out well as you can go as high as you would like and its fairly stable. I built the box a little too high, but decided to stick with it after my first set. I was regretting this decision later on, but kept with it.

I chose the heaviest ball available - not sure of the weight, but it was at least 12 pounds possibly a little more.

So, after I got everything set up, the woman was still on the treadmill - looked like she was doing intervals. I can appreciate that.

I decided to warm up on the stationary bike and after I finished there I started to stretch and she finally got off the treadmill. I went right over to claim it, not that the gym was super busy at this time of night, but there were a few people milling around.

I got right to it - I was warmed up and stretched after all. First 400 - no problem. First set of box jumps - well I was definately jumping higher than I normally do - kept at it These really wind me. Wall balls - I was not able to get 30 in a row on any set - my shoulders were burning. These wind me as well. On the fourth set I had to sit down for a couple of seconds during the box jumps as I was getting dizzy - got right back up and finished hard. Total time 25:59.

I was soaked and winded when I finished. Had to sit down and regain myself. Had to pause once while doing wall balls because my eyes were stinging from the sweat pouring into them - wiped it away and pushed on.

This was a very hard and very satisfying workout. I still don't like box jumps though.

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