Friday, July 16, 2010

Quick post number one million

Didn't get run in this morning - decided an extra half hour of sleep was worth pushing it off to later in the day.

Ordered a new HR monitor today - should be here before I leave for LP. Will need to know my HR and my current HR monitor is unreliable. I should have done this sooner.

Other than that - I am gear ready for the event.


  1. Which one did you get? I think I need to put a new battery in my chestband part and other than that, I think I am also gear ready!

  2. The cheapest Polar I could find (HR and stopwatch are the only things I care about for LP) - tried the others and have always had problems - Only use Polar now (until Garmin's come down in price). I tried changing the battery and I still have problems.

  3. sleep is definitely the best choice at this point Martin — you are sooo ready to rock LP! :)

    I prefer a simple HRM too for racing. No room for complexity of any kind during a race.