Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm neurotic

I am questioning everything I do now. Am I resting enough? Did I go too hard on the workout? Not hard enough? Is my diet good, am I hydrating enough? I've been working a year for LP and I don't want to blow it in the last week.

Physically I feel pretty good. Yesterday I rode 45 minutes at 80%. My avg HR was 140 and my max was 154 (there was a couple of hills). I covered 14.8 miles for an average speed of 19.73.

Today was 20 min easy of each discipline. Nothing really to report here other than I did it. Felt o.k. - not used to going easy but will need to a week from today.

I almost forgot about the 5k I did Friday night. I did it after a thunderstorm rolled by - I thought it would cool it down and drop the humidity. It did cool it a little, but the humidity did not go down at all. Finished in 25:27. splits were 7:46, 8:23, 8:34. Considering the conditions, I believe this to be a good result for me. Felt strong throughout - just had trouble breathing.

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  1. Money in the bank Martin! Relax and enjoy the ride!