Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm toast

I woke up this morning planning on hitting the gym first thing and getting the workouts over with so I could get things done around the house. I woke up dehydrated and unmotivated. I don't quite understand as I have been making it a habit to drink lots of water at night. Regardless, I procrastinated on the workout and watched the TDF instead. Washed cars, installed roof rack on vehicle, had lunch with my parents and took my bike to shop for its final pre race tune-up.

Got home and putzed around a little and finally decided that I had put it off long enough. I did the swim workout first 3 x 500, three min rest, 75%, 85%, 95%. Wow, what an eye opener this was. Times were 8:43, 8:26 & 8:24. A large increase in effort netted only small amounts of increase in speed. So the swim is not where you want to exert a lot of energy - it will net very little time gain at a significant cost.

Next up was the 150 wall balls. I thought I pushed these pretty good, but my time was slower than the last two times I did this workout. Finished in 8:18. My legs were like jello when I finished. Between the bike TT yesterday, the WOD last night and the wall balls - well, my legs are pretty damn tired.

Tomorrow is a day off and I believe I earned it.


  1. Martin - you have definitely earned a rest day. I am feeling the same way (not necessarily that I earned it, but that I need it). My shoulders are sore from the wall balls and my legs are wasted from squats and whatever else went into it. Enjoy your rest day!

  2. Agreed, my body is extremely tired and I will take today as a complete OFF day for sure!

    And maybe the point of the swim interval was to confirm that swimming in not a crazy HR will be just fine and produce good results.

  3. so sad to see lance taken out that way.

  4. I agree, but if you think back to his seven victories, bad luck always seemed to strike his opponents, not him - he's used up all his luck.