Tuesday, July 13, 2010

12 days to IMLP

I picked up my bike today - final pre race tune-up. I wanted to have it tuned up with my race wheels on as there can a slight difference in the shifting between wheels.

I planned to do my 5x3 squats after work, but I forgot to pack my sneakers with my workout gear so I had to go home. I used my leg press machine at home rather than drive back to the gym. I managed to put most of the weight plates that I have on the leg press machine. I think it is about 330 pounds. I felt pretty strong which is a good sign because my legs were fried two days ago.

I rode my old bike on the indoor trainer as I did not want to ride my steed in the rain - just tuned up with my nice race wheels on - Oh yeah, and I just cleaned the bike as well. Since my computer works off of the front wheel I rode for 45 minutes figuring that has to be pretty close to 20k.

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  1. Hey Martin,
    You have to post your bib number so we can follow your progress on race day!