Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The countdown continues

Met a guy in the gym today. I was wearing my Iron Team T shirt from last year's IMLP. He asked me if I was an Ironman. I said not yet, but I plan to be in a week and a half. He said, "oh, you're doing Lake Placid - I did that last year." He further went on to tell me that it was the greatest single moment in his life crossing the finish line. He signed up this year, but decided that the training was too much and he therefore is not going. One less body to bump into on the swim.

I told him about Crossfit and to check it out if he really wants to train for an Ironman at some point in the future.

My bib number for IMLP is 1548 if anyone wants to track me.

My first workout today was 500 yd swim TT. finished in 8:11 - it's a record! I beat my prior best by 7 seconds. I'm very happy with this result for two reasons - 1. obvious reason - LP right around the corner, of course I want to be getting stronger, 2. It hurt! My shoulders were screaming for mercy on the last four laps. I dug with everything I had.

Second workout was 10, 20 and 30 reps of box jumps, squats, pushups. burpees. I finished in 14:19 which is not even close to comparing to the prior two times I did this workout; however, there was a big difference. I did this one right after the swim and I did it at the gym - I was able to use (build) a box that is a good six to eight inches higher than what I use at home. It did not make much of a difference on the first round of 10, but I was feeling it on the 20 and the 30. I was hurting by the end. I don' think the swim had much of an effect as I was fully recovered by the time I had my area set up - it was definately the box jump platform height.

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