Monday, June 7, 2010

Updated results

Unfortunately The posted race results have me going off in the wrong wave which distorts the results by three minutes. Splits are right after the swim, but the swim and overall results are off by three minutes. Here are the results (corrected by me).

Overall time: 6:18:20
Swim: 38:06
Bike: 3:08:48
Run: 2:24:37

Swim to bike transition was TOO SLOW! Bike to run was o.k.

Overall 397/683
Age Group: 26/55

I contacted the race director - hopefully they fix it - not that it matters terribly.


  1. Great result Martin. Flat course will be different! Congrats!

  2. You did great Martin! Very nice bike split!

  3. Martin, by the way, yesterday like pure coincidence I was buying a tea at Litchfield Commond Grounds coffee shop and a bald guy (like me but taller) was wearing a Rev3 t-shirt, we start talking and he was the race director!(Eric)

    I asked him to read your email and help you! I hope it works.

    And today @ cycling concepts Dan told me about when you and him rode mountain bikes, back in the day... Peace!