Sunday, June 6, 2010

rev3 race results

I slept unbelievably well the night before the race - that never happens - I usually wake up a few times panicked that I missed the alarm clock - I did not wake up until the clock went off.

I have mixed feelings about how the race went for me. These results aren't official, but here's how I think I did. I finished the swim in about 37:30. The bike took me about 3:08 - 3:09. That's about what I predicted when I saw the course profile and drove the course with David (I predicted about 18 - 18.5 mph, I hit the low end of the prediction). The run, well, that did not go so well. When I started off the run I had to do the usual getting the kinks out - I had tightness in the arch of my foot and my quads hurt going up the first set of hills, but both of those feelings went away. I was determined to run the entire race, but there were some hills that I could walk up faster than I could run them, hence a little walking. I did, however, run most of the course. I need to see my splits to know for sure, but I believe the run was done somewhere int he area of 2:20 - 2:30, not spectacular at all.

I probably could have swam faster - not sure how it effects the rest of the race to swim hard - need to talk to Max about that. I probably would not have shaved much, maybe two to three minutes

The bike rolled constantly. I simply kept my HR under 150 (tried to stay in the low 140s) and pigged out. I drank lots of water (about 80 oz), had a GU every 20 minutes until they ran out and grabbed a bottle of the crap they were handing out - took one sip and knew I was not going to be able to stomache that. Luckily I remembered I had a GU product in my back pocket (kind of like gummy bears) and downed that. I was a little deficient on fuel, but not much - I downed a Gel as soon as I got into the transition area. I also took salt tablets every hour - switched to every half hour on the run as it was getting hotter and I was drinking pepsi for my fuel - I'm guessing it has less sodium than GU's.

The run was relentless with the hills. I think there was probably only two section that were relatively flat - other then that it was either up or down (though I remember more up than down). When I was three miles into the course I thought to myself that I felt worse when running my 13.1 miler a couple of weeks ago - I CAN DO THIS! Then the hills just kept coming, and coming, and coming. I ran as much as I could - only walked when it was no slower than the run. I have decided that I will no longer race with the fuel belt on - it was more of a hinderance than a help. The course was so well catered that the belt was basically useless (and it chafed me to boot). It got real uncomfortable near the end. It will be a training tool only going forward.

Total time (unoficially) was 6:17:45. In two weeks I do Patriot which is pancake flat - both the bike and the run - I can't wait to compare and contrast.

I feel remarkably well for having finished a grueling race about 7 hours ago. I'm definately sore and tight, but no where near as bad as I felt after Hyannis. My head is pretty clear (it wasn't when I finished - just ask Nancy Belmonte). Curious to see how I feel tomorrow, and no, I will not skip the workout. I need to know what GHDs are - anyone?

I have been pigging out since the race -and none of it Paleo. I tried some muscle milk - did not sit in the stomache well. Waited a little while until the stomache calmed down and then had a cheeseburger and mac and cheese (the king of comfort foods). Had a 16 oz beer - thank you Nancy! On the way home I chowed on some trail mix and beef jerky. After I was home for a couple of hours I had a couple of hot dogs (the ultimate empty calorie food). I'm going to pay for this tomorrow, but I think I earned a day off of the diet.

Christina, I looked for you before I left - wanted to say goodbye and see you soon. I kept missing you - Dan would tell me he saw you in a particular place - by the time I got there you were gone.


  1. Martin- great job on your race...I saw you pass me on the bike, but by the time I realized it was you - it was too late for me to say "go get 'em! Sounds like you had a good race overall, but like me, need to mentally get through the running portion :) Congrats!!

  2. Great race Martin - well done, looking forward to hearing about your "flat" race in 2 wks

  3. nice work. Good luck with your next race. GHDs are Glute Hamstring Developers. Do you have access to a roman chair to do hip/back extension off of? You need that or an actual GHD machine.