Friday, June 4, 2010

Pretty Gross

Today was field day at my daughter's school. Like a dummy I volunteered to help out. Turns out its one of the hotter days of the year so far. So I'm standing out in the sun all day - hydration not an issue as I brought water and a bottle of my Ironman drink that just arrived at my doorstep - I like it by the way. So lunch was pizza - so not Paleo. I missed my morning snack, but figured one missed snack wouldn't kill me - but pizza!! I had one slice for two reasons - 1. I try to stay away from pizza, and 2. The kids were hungry - pizza went fast. So I got home around 2:00 p.m. pretty much starved. Not a lot in my house to eat (actually tons of food - very little of it Paleo appropriate). I decided I needed to absorb the nutrients quickly so I made a smoothy. Wasn't sure what to use for a base (yogurt not paleo) so I used Orange Juice. Orange juice, frozen strawberries and banana flavored protein powder - pretty gross, but I'm drinking it.

I will be packing for Rev3 in a few minutes. Have to make sure I don't forget anything.


  1. I just went outside and it is gross outside. But I think I would take today over what is forecasted for Sunday, ugh! I will also be packing tonight and need to get my aero bottle back onto my bike, will stop for velcro on the way home.