Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well, I'm in recovery mode. I feel remarkably well considering the punishing terrain we raced on Sunday. My Hammies are tight and there is some latent soreness, but not near as bad as I was expecting. Yesterday was bench presses, pushups, swings, GHD's, Hip Extensions and pullups @ 60% effort. I was definately tight and tired, but felt better after the workout. Had to get the blood flowing to clean the waste out of the muscles.

Today was a 15k bike ride @ 60% effort. I used perceived effort as a guage rather than HR. Actually rode 14.75 miles (my normal recovery route) and averaged about 17.8 mph. Average HR was 127. More indication that Rev3 is a brutal course - riding an easy pace (60%) on slightly rolling terrain netted me about the same average as Rev3 which I rode at about 80%.

Diet is back on track. Ironically, I felt no ill effects from all of the junk I put into my body after Sunday's race. I guess one day isn't going to kill you, plus it wasn't all bad (just mostly).

I'm thinking about adding Litchfield Hills to my race calendar. It's about a month after IMLP so I should be about recovered. Of course I will check with the master before adding this, but my calendar seems empty after IMLP and it is a while before the marathon. I need purpose!

Winter training is going to be hard this year. IMLP really kept me going. I know I will need a goal, but I promised myself that I would not make any decisions about major events until after I have had a chance to absorb the IMLP experience.


  1. I'm looking for something a little less epic (and a lot less expensive). The thought did cross my mind.

  2. My August plan involves enjoying my case (or cases) of wine :). But in reality, while I also need a goal to drive me, I don't think any more Tri's would be in my plan for 2010. I also think Timberman may be sold out.

  3. I am also thinking of Montauk Half on 10/3. Might be too close to Hartford for you though.