Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day festivities

Somehow my "do nothing" day got turned into a "host a party" day. Apparently there was a rag tag group of individuals and their children who all had no plans for the day. Although this was fine with me and I was looking forward to the relaxation, the rest of the group, my wife and daughter included, decided a cookout was in order. Somehow our house got picked for the event.

So off to do more yardwork (are you noticing a recurring theme here). I have seven garden beds that I kind of let go last year. I have more pride than that and I'm trying to get them back in shape this year which includes an incredibe amount of weeding. Three weekends and I'm still not done (but close). I think I'm down to a half of day of heavy weeding and then its just maintenance after that. I also had to fog the back yard to keep the bug count down and clean the deck furniture - just finished when the first guests started to arrive.

Guess who had to man the grill. I don't know why it is that whenever I go to a party at someone's house, someone always takes over the grilling for the host except for when the party is at my house.

Although there was all sorts of crap to eat, I kept the diet pretty much in check. I did eat a hot dog which is pretty much crap, but I stayed away from the desserts and ate fruit instead. Had one glass of wine - other than that drank water all day.

Missed the workout. If this was not a taper week I would do it today, but rest is more in order. Today's workout is five sets of three squats. Will definately get that in.

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  1. Life does get in the way Martin. You're going to crush Rev3 either way!