Monday, May 31, 2010

The perfect hangover cure

Went to the Dave Matthews concert Saturday night. Had a couple too many beers and woke up Sunday in a fog. Drank lots of water trying to flush the system - went to the gym still a little in a fog to do the 4 x 400yd swim @ 80%. Went too hard on the first (finished in 6:44). Remaining three were done in 6:54, 6:56, 6:59.

The next workout was 21 squats @135#, 500m row, 15 squats @135#, 500m row, 9 squats @135#, 500m row. I am not very fond of this workout and almost quit during the first set. Then I thought about what I would end up writing in my blog about that - I kept going. Who knew a blog could be so damn useful. I finished in 16:03 a new best (by 13 seconds) and almost 3 minutes better than the last time - who would have figured.

So when both workouts were all said and done I felt great. The sins of the prior day had been erased!

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