Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hilly TT

I decided on the Stafford Hill route for the time trial - it's about a 33 mile ride with only one left hand turn. I warmed up for two miles and then off I went. The route starts flat but there is a climb that hits less than a mile into the ride - its not a significant grade, but its long enough that you feel it. After that it gently rolls for a good 5 - 6 miles and then the big hill hits. I did not clock it, but I'm sure it is over two miles long, fairly steady with some steeper step ups (about three of them). Then there is a screaming downhill that unfortunately I can't ride in the TT position due to the condition of the road. There is another decent flat section before the hills hit again - you are basically climbing the same hills, but in a different section. They are more gentle and I stayed in the big ring throughout - at this point the course rolls for a good 5 miles before the last good descent. The last four miles are all flat. I finished in 1:16:54 compared to 1:14:42 on 5/1/10. 5/1/10 was a mostly flat route.

I definately feel the effects of three days of rowing in my legs. My max HR was 159 and my average was 146 despite my best efforts to push it up higher.


  1. I've ridden out in Stafford Martin and some of those hills are just killer. Did a lot 2 years ago when I was training for my first crack at LP. There was one road called Diamond Edge or Diamond Ledge (something like that) was just brutal. Haven't been out there in a while.

    Very nice work!

  2. I've heard of that hill - did not climb that one yesterday. Another good one is the hill going up to Soapstone tower.