Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tabata bike

First, let me clarify. I only like the Tabata bike workouts - I'm not fond of the rest of the Tabata workouts. This is a workout best done on a trainer, but who can ride a trainer when it's so nice out. I stayed close to home and did most of the workout on two streets - back and forth - they are long streets so I did not have to turn much. Strong headwind going one way which of course means tailwind the other way. I started with the tailwind and did not realize how strong it was so of course I'm thinking that I am superman (until I turned around). Managed 5.63 miles and one hell of a burning sensation in my legs. Please sir, can I have some more. I soft pedalled home and was happy to do so.

Lots of pollen out tonight - I'm still coughing a half hour later.


  1. Nice riding Martin and good work on the deadlifts.

  2. Great job Martin! There was a nasty head wind out there today!

  3. Don't get me started on the pollen. I have been swallowing it lately - thankfully one little pill daily seems to work most days.
    Great job on the bike.